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Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.5.2

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Steinberg has released a maintenance update for its post-production solution Nuendo 5. Version 5.5.2 addresses several issues, including the video engine performance and the MediaBay usability.

Improvements in 5.5.2:

  • Video engine optimizations: Under Windows OS, Nuendo 5.5.2 features further improved decoding performance for Motion JPEG OpenDML video in AVI containers as well as Photo JPEG material.

Issues resolved in 5.5.2:

  • Project: "Delete time" command now works properly if signature track is enabled.
  • Audio: Converting tracks containing audio from VST Sound Sets from multi-channel to mono format no longer renders the application unresponsive.
  • Audio: Selecting multiple files in the pool executing an offline-process no longer processes the only the first selected file.
  • Record: Recording MIDI in “merge” mode no longer creates additional MIDI parts instead of merging.
  • Record: Sample rates different than 44.1kHz no longer lead to multiplication of lanes due to wrong overlap resolution on project load.
  • Video: Switching between Projects, doesn’t lead to video issues anymore.
  • Video: Audio / Video file length mismatch no longer occurs.
  • MediaBay: Enabling the "Align beats to project" and "Wait for project play" options no longer leads to playback issues with loops in the MediaBay previewer.
  • MediaBay: Deleting multiple attributes for an item no longer affects other attributes than those selected.
  • MediaBay: Naming folders with dots no longer leads to cropped names in the result view.
  • MediaBay: When the preference "Scan unknown file types" is active, audio files without file extensions are now properly recognized when scanning.
  • VST Bridge: VST 2 32-bit plug-ins in Nuendo in 64-bit mode under Mac OS X Lion are now displayed properly.
  • VST-Bridge: Under OS X certain plug-ins no longer show up as bridged even though they were updated to support 64 bit.
  • VST Expression: The VST Expression tab is now available in the Score Editor.
  • VST Expression: When playing back in cycle mode all VST Expression commands are executed entirely.
  • Track Freeze: Possible application crash when un-freezing HALion 4 Instrument Track is fixed.
  • Marker position in exported CSV files is corrected for NTSC and HD frame rates.
  • Control room volume can be operated from Euphonix MC controller when import or export window is opened.
  • Transport: Using the scrubbing tool no longer leads to click noises.
  • Sync: The sync frame rate is displayed properly in the Transport panel now.
  • Plug-in: Using REVerence as an offline process plug-in now works properly.
  • MIDI: Dragging a part no longer leads to inaccessibility on newly created MIDI tracks.
  • Comping: Copying comped audio events no longer leads to moving instead of copying the events.
  • Opening the Audio-Menu doesn't lead to unintended crossfades anymore.
  • Interleaved multi-channel files in 5.0 format without BEXT meta data are now always interpreted as 5.0 files. (was: LCRS+LFE).
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