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Sep 25
35% off CamelPhat and CamelSpace. Both plugins also updated with AAX Support and 64 new presets each! http://t.co/GXyQZmdc3E
Sep 22
@AutreNV AAX support for Alchemy will happen when Alchemy v2 is released.
Sep 22
@Der_Zorku This latest update, released earlier today, uses Audiobus 2.1 and supports iOS 8.

Camel Audio create innovative, professional audio plugins including Alchemy Synth and Sound Libraries plus CamelSpace and CamelPhat multi-effects. These products have won numerous awards including Electronic Musicians Editors Choice, Keyboard Key Buy and Computer Musics Platinum Award, and are used by many leading musicians such Orbital, Sasha, BT, Coldcut, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. Camel Audio is based in Edinburgh in the UK, and was founded in 2000.

Camel Audio actively listen to suggestions on their forum - and would like to say say huge thank you to everyone who has purchased their products.


#KVRDeal (until Thursday, October 9, 2014) 25 Sep 2014Camel Audio Offer: 35% Off CamelPhat and CamelSpace0 comments 25 Sep 2014Camel Audio updates CamelPhat and CamelSpace with 64-bit AAX support and launches 35% Off Sale (CamelCrusher AAX also now available)0 comments 22 Sep 2014Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.3.90 comments 8 Aug 2014Camel Audio releases Steamworx for Alchemy Mobile0 comments 21 Jul 2014#KVRDC14: New Prizes From Camel Audio0 comments 4 Jul 2014Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.3 (plus 50% Off Pro Upgrade and Sale On Bundles)0 comments #KVRDeal Expired 4 Jul 2014Camel Audio Offers 50% Off All Alchemy Sound Libraries (Plus 50% Off Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade and Sale On Bundles)0 comments 17 Jun 2014Camel Audio releases Artificial Intelligence for Alchemy and Alchemy Mobile0 comments 24 Apr 2014Camel Audio releases Free "Bandura" Micro Library for Alchemy0 comments 24 Mar 2014Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.2.120 comments 18 Mar 2014Camel Audio releases Free Electronic Synths and Minimal Loops Micro Libraries for Alchemy0 comments 12 Feb 2014Camel Audio releases Iceland Sound Library for Alchemy and Alchemy Mobile0 comments 7 Feb 2014Camel Audio releases free desktop "Taste of Camel" library for Alchemy Mobile Pro users1 comments #KVRDeal Expired 2 Dec 2013Camel Audio Sale on Bundles and 50% off Alchemy0 comments 26 Nov 2013Camel Audio releases Atmospheric for Alchemy Mobile updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.2.50 comments 11 Sep 2013Camel Audio releases Water for Alchemy - Pay What You Want0 comments 3 Sep 2013Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.1.2 and launches Song Writing Contest - Win an iPad Mini0 comments 2 Jul 2013Camel Audio releases Minimal Techno for Alchemy and Alchemy Player0 comments 24 Jun 2013Caring about Music, Software, and the Planet - Interview with Ben Gillett from Camel Audio0 comments 27 May 2013Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.0.180 comments

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