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Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.0.5

Harrison has updated Mixbus to version 2.0.5. This update provides several fixes for the Snapshot list, Region menu items, Automation Undo, and other issues.


  • Fixed several long-standing bugs that caused crashes when closing a session or switching snapshots on some systems.
  • Range-based editing actions were not using the explicitly-defined range when in Smart mode. This fixes problems with "set tempo/loop/punch from edit range" as well as other related issues.
  • Fixed a crash in "plug-in sliders" that sometimes caused session files to be unloadable.
  • When recording a track and high-latency plug-ins are used, the recorded audio would be placed at the wrong location on the timeline. This has been fixed.
  • Items in the Regions menu were only available if there were key-bindings assigned to the menu action. This has been fixed.
  • The knobs on the "editor mixer" strip would sometimes show the automation of another channel's knobs when the strip is switched between channels. This has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to delete a range of automation when in Object mode, not just Smart mode.
  • Reinstated the "mouse edit point" cursor, so Mixbus changes the cursor when it is over a region to show that the current edit point is set to Mouse.
  • Cleanup will now ignore snapshots that were generated by the auto-backup. The auto-backup files were preventing the cleanup from deleting audio that is not used in any user-stored snapshots.
  • Fixed an error in the region-gain-line-drag functionality that caused a problem with undo, redo and save/recall.
  • The last point in the gain change would not be recalled correctly, causing a "ramp" to the following point. This has been fixed.
  • When in "narrow" mode, the channel EQs would not automatically engage the EQ. This has been fixed.
  • The online search for "announcements" could cause a long start-up delay if the user's network is enabled but no DNS server is available. This has been fixed.
  • "International" characters in session names became "__" (double underscores) and sometimes prevented Mixbus from finding audio files inside the session. This has been fixed.
  • Some button selections in the Export dialog would fail when an alternate language is selected. This has been fixed.
  • Region dragging while in "Ripple" mode were not undo-able. This has been fixed.

OS X - Specific Fixes:

  • Ripple edit doesn't work with range "Delete", you have to use "Cut". This has been fixed (only affected OS X Intel).
  • Mixbus on OS X can now load LV2 plug-ins (for testing purposes only).

Linux - Specific Fixes:

  • Fixed installer to work with non-English words for "Desktop". Also improves support for systems without support for sudo.
  • Added ability to disable hardware-accelerated gradients, which causes problems with some proprietary video card drivers.
  • LV2 plug-ins should recall the port "symbols" (such as "wet_dry_mix") instead of the port index. This improves support of old plug-ins that have added or removed controls from the previous version.


  • Flush Wastebasket is now available without having to re-open the session.
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