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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9728

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Plogue has updated Bidule to version 0.9728.

Version v0.9728

Bug Fixes:

  • AU version: MIDI outputs could possibly not show up in a host.
  • AU version 64-bit: crash in DP8.
  • Audio File Player: continues to play when muted/bypassed.
  • AU/VST hosting: All sounds off might not be send when mode changes.
  • AU hosting: PLAY 64-bit could crash when removing it.
  • AU hosting: PLAY does not show missing samples dialog if its UI is opened before sending saved data.
  • Discrete version : OSC Creators send message without a trigger.
  • Groups: loading a group can make a switch to offline mode.
  • Group parameters: crash could occur when editing group parameters.
  • OSC Creator 2: message is not created if only the trigger input is connected.
  • OS X: changing the Reduce MIDI Jiiter preference is not broadcasted to MIDI devices already in the layout.
  • OS X 64 bit: cannot use key shortcut to close popup dialog.
  • OS X 64 bit: groups aren't showing in italic in the palette.
  • OS X 64 bit: cmd-v does not work in textboxes.
  • Patchbay: straight cables can be hard to pick.
  • Plugin mode: added a new type of Bidule Plugin that has latency/tail amount inputs.
  • Trigger To Gate: outputs a gate of 1 sample if gate length input is 0.
  • Waveviewer: crash can occur when reducing the size of the buffer.

Version v0.9727

  • Added preference item (through defaults/regedit) to only show the filename part instead of the entire path in the titlebar (MainWindow.onlyShowFilename).
  • Audio File Recorder: added option to not append to a file.
  • MIDI Message Remapper: added CC 7 and 14 bit as possible remappings for Pitchbend.
  • Added Arpeggiator (Trigger).

Bug Fixes:

  • AU hosting (32-bit) : Cocoa view resizing to a lower size doesn't shrink back window.
  • AU version: sidechain version crashes in Studio One.
  • Groups: label can be truncated in UI.
  • Integer variable used in group interface sometimes slide back to a lower value when editing.
  • OS X : saving parameter for quit AppleEvent is not handled.
  • P2: Attempting to add a Discrete Sync Extractor causes a crash.
  • Polyphonic Adapter: parameter links are not be kept on unpolyphonize/undo/redo.
  • VST hosting: Flux/IRCAM plug-in do not pass VST scanning.
  • Windows: might not show all cores under MP Assign on XP/XP64.
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