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Sugar Bytes  
Sugar Bytes GmbH
Greifswalder Str. 29
10405 Berlin
Sales: sales@sugar-bytes.de
Support: support@sugar-bytes.de
Dec 22
Christmas Sale! Treat yourself with the finest and nerdiest plugins on the planet! https://t.co/2DeNj9wN1g https://t.co/S6qEQSnNe5
Nov 24
The crazy days of irresistible deals on SB plugins are upon us. Happy Shopping wishes your @sugar_bytes team!… https://t.co/zb9RO0o6p5

We founded Sugar Bytes to produce and provide better tools for all our friends in music.

Better sounding, better looking audio software that's easier to use and cheaper to get than everything that's out there. Just great products that can do more stuff with less buttons, that have more features with less instructions, that are simply more fun and less expensive.

Sugar Bytes Tools should save you time and money while providing more creative freedom and inspiring everybody to make more music. Because music is the sugar in the coffee of life.


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GUITARIST 'Guitar type' drop down empty!
by Sugar Bytes at 23 Jan 2017, 02:58

Egoist iOS— Sound bleeds between parts in song mode
by aaronp3232 at 19 Jan 2017, 21:49

BUG REPORT: Obscurium Step Play not working right
by jbw at 18 Jan 2017, 13:27

by crazyfiltertweaker at 18 Jan 2017, 05:47

Thesys: please make the note step size bigger!
by crazyfiltertweaker at 18 Jan 2017, 05:47

Anyone else wish Egoist could be expanded to be more "song friendly"?
by BugOut at 15 Jan 2017, 13:24

Unable to download when email address contains plus (+) character
by bigpurpletiger at 11 Jan 2017, 17:21

Turnado VST: controls values not updated when using Dictator
by BufoBufo at 11 Jan 2017, 03:33

BUG Factory 1.02: Parameter Info not displaying properly
by craftycurate at 9 Jan 2017, 09:50

We just released Obscurium, the Synthesis Organism
by NullDevice at 29 Dec 2016, 16:43

Unique 64 bit VST failed in Digital Performer 8 on Windows
by Tzakuk at 28 Dec 2016, 15:38

Factory - Presets Missing?
by craftycurate at 25 Dec 2016, 08:15

Thesys v2?
by Pi-e at 22 Dec 2016, 02:29

All I want for Christmas is better patch management for Cyclop iOS
by jbw at 7 Dec 2016, 21:07

Sugar Bytes VST Host
by hellishvictor at 4 Dec 2016, 10:50

DRIVING ME CRAZY: Plugin Doesn't Load in Ableton Despite Owning Plugin
by Sugar Bytes at 24 Nov 2016, 03:34

Obscurium Alternative Patches ?
by aesthete at 9 Nov 2016, 20:07

Thesys pitch-bend bug?
by Sugar Bytes at 7 Nov 2016, 02:32

thesys digital performer problems
by jonbrunomusic at 22 Oct 2016, 16:46

Turnado audio glitch/bug?
by Sugar Bytes at 6 Oct 2016, 02:59

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