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Post Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:49 pm

If you paid good money for commercial linux audio software, or respond to donation areas of a linux developer website, or bought windows software that works well enough in w.i.n.e for your needs, share your experiences as desired, tips, workflows, workarounds, issues etc.

I'm not in charge of anything, not a moderator etc
but I'll be using the nearby long-running topic to post about non-commercial linux audio software and distros,
and not worrying about occassional crossovers: 07&start=780

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Re: Commercial linux softwares

Post Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:34 pm

An awesome friend gifted me Zebra2 some time ago,
and I've been fortunate since then to afford purchasing Hive, ACE, Repro 1_5, and Bazille_CM, enjoying both
linux versions ported by Alexander Bique, and windows
versions using wine.

There are new linux releases today, of Zebra and Diva,
at V 7271, links at ... /?sort=new

The work includes font improvements,
and more gui tweaking progress, but I'll be using
the stable Zebra 2.7 until the last of the 2.8x
gui lag issues is buried.

DiscoDSP is back, happily releasing new versions of
Ob-xd, Bliss sampler, and Discovery Pro, with a nice sale
going on. A great and versatile linux trio, among the
other fine products.

Harrison Consoles have a Mixbus version on sale,
at base-building prices, and have a 'what's in the box?' promo, for various free or discounted plugins, that get
unlocked within a licensed Mixbus.

April has been a great month for commercial linux releases. I recently got the lastest Studio 1337 distro,
an affordable and enjoyable portable solution,
or studio setup, that feels and behaves rock solid,
with an RT kernel, a stable wine 2.18, and jackd aware software configured and at the ready. I've added new Reaper releases as they emerge, and have a trove of vst plugins ready for action. Studio 1337 is based on
Puppy linux, has the stable ubuntu repositories in
it's package manager, and saves settings in an expandable
encryptable squash filesystem .sfs file, so your studio
can travel to Grandmas house at thanksgiving,
or your bandmates on Saturday mornings etc. also has a commercial
linux topic worth checking and contributing to.
And Alexander Bique has the U-he linux Reddit
forum, for direct developer discussions
and version releases. I recently loaded Repro 5
with the z3ta+ 1.5 effects plugin, and was soon
blown away by the combo of a great U-he sound,
and one of the many Cakewalk synth effect presets.
:hyper: :party: :hyper:

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:34 am

BOOOYAHHH!!! Abique has slain
the Lag Dragon...
the new Zebra 2.8 gui's are now
fluid and smoothe
in the newest linux version.
Diva also is updated
and seems in working order :party:

(but some major distro/daw combos
don't even scan the new installs,
my pclinuxos works fine,
but Mint 18 flops...
this should be an easy fix in the build system)

Links to the new Zebra2 and Diva
releases are at
the U-he linux reddit page:

Thanks Alexander, for dominating the code! :hyper:

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:34 pm

There is a new release of linux v.7297 Repro 1/5 plugins,
as well as for Diva and Zebra2, as there are still some users with dependency issues, myriad as linux
versions be. In my case, the plugins work fine in pclinuxos, but not in mint 18.

Maybe these pclinuxos lib versions can help someone trying to update towards success:

libxcb 1.12-4
xcb-util 0.4.0-3
lib64qt5xcbqpa5 5.10.0-2
lib64xcb-iccm4 4.1-4
lib64xcb-util-image0 0.4.0-3

zlib1 1.2.10-1

glibc 2.26-3

(nvidia 9400 gts pcie video card)
dkms-nvidia 340.106-1
x11-driver-video-nvidia 340.106-1

x11-server-xorg 1.19.6-0.1

Love that Repro1 sequencer!

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:58 pm

Reaktor in da Haus!!!
Thanks to research and tips from the LinVst developer,
I've got some Reaktor instruments registered and running
in Mint 18 with wine 3.6. Razor, Skanner, and Replika
are now in a saved Reaper 5.79 session. Here is a ruff draft
of what I did:

Using the dev's good advice i started
with a fresh empty .wine, added some wine
over-rides known to aid installing windows apps,
and installed things in this order:
newest Service Center
newest Native access
Newest Reaktor Player 6.21
Razor and Skanner Reakor instruments
Replika, a NI delay plugin freebie
and added another bunch of wine over-rides.

I launched Service Center, and added the related
serial numbers, and the apps all registered correctly.
But Reaktor Player wouldn't scan in Reaper 5.79 :(

Reaktor Player had installed a .net framework, 4.x,
and it kept popping up an error, so I renamed it's folder,
and the errors stopped. I then used
'winetricks vcrun2012', reinstalled Reaktor Player,
and finally it scanned :hyper: (the many vcruns possibilities
seems to be a major subset of getting the more complex
windows apps running in linux)

I loaded up all the registered apps in Reaper, and saved a session,
and after a nights sleep, started reaper, and the session loaded,
all apps still registered. I also installed the BlueCat Destructor
ampsim demo, and their excellent free plugin pack, all run OK.

I've been following the Native Access thread in the Instruments forum,
hopefully NA will have a predictable linux install scenario soon.
It's already about 80% successful, but there are issues
with maintaining the linux network connection. Serial numbers
can be entered, with a registration success screen, but then N.A
insists on downloading the newest version of the registered app,
and consistantly fails about a third of the way through,
whether a 5 or 50 meg download. :dog:
Some odd results are mentioned in the NA thread,
perhaps it's just too complex for the wide diversity of computers, operating systems, and user configurations. Give me the U-he
one-and-done serial number registrations any day, all night,
and thrice on the weekends! :party:

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:49 am

I love the great Native Instruments Prism, a Reaktor synth,
but it lacks a straight-forward installer and registration
that would work simply in wine. NI use multi-segment iso
files in some cases, and the ability to read them
properly in linux still may not be enough, as I've
discovered trying to install and register Prism.

The installer routine gathers your choices for the
typical install, but then asks to insert
a disc that does not exist, before moving ahead :dog:

So I put on my Sneakernet Nike's, and jogged over
to my dusty old Win 7 drive, copied the Prism files
and registry data, placed them on the linux drive, in their
linux-wine equivalents, fired up Reaper,
and authorized Prism with Native Access...
still pinching myself, after every 12th preset :hyper:

I get why NI has an army of tech surrounding and
protecting Kontakt, but I think they would generate
a lot of sales for their excellent solo synth and effects
products if they would offer a basic installer, with serial
number and offline registration. Layers of complexity
can be great for sound designers, but why limit their
customer base, with pointless installation battles
that tarnish the companies reputation, cost
untold man-hours of coding, and then burden
the support $taff? Bottom line? For linux musicians,
some instruments are worth the fight, and Prism is
one of them.

Thanks again to the LinVst developer,
for even more tech support in pursuit of creating music.
Much appreciated. (For those unfamiliar, LinVst is a wrapper
and batch wrapper application for windows vst plugins,
that presents a linux .so version, which can be used in
linux supporting daws like Reaper, Bitwig, Mixbus,
Qtractor, Renoise, Ardour, Traction, Radium,
'and more', and is often discussed at

The app and usage details are available at


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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:41 pm

Reaper/wine user Yehuna posted a wineHQ-devel version install guide at the linux Reaper forum, and he is having good success using commercial plugins, so I thought it good to post his steps, as some of them may not be obvious to users of standard ubuntu wine versions,
and those setting up a wine install the first time.

Yehuna: "I am not sure about all the wine versions out there, or all linux operation systems. But, as I really make good experiences with the current wine-devel version in combination with wineasio, I want to provide my install procedure. Maybe it helps to find some issues:

So after installing and updating/upgrading my system (I run lubuntu 18.04 bionic beaver 64 bit) I first installed the kxstudio repos, and from them the kxstudio desktop. Then, after rebooting, I did the jackd settings to make my sound system work.

From here, I did the following steps:

1. Install the wineasio package from kxstudio (not the kxstudio-meta-wine package) This will install wine-rt too, which is quite old, prevents a lot of plugins from running well and is not needed anymore.
sudo apt-get install wineasio

2. Install the carla packages:
sudo apt-get install carla-git carla-bridge-linux32:i386 carla-bridge-linux64 carla-bridge-win32 carla-bridge-win64 carla-bridge-wine32:i386 carla-bridge-wine64 carla-data carla-lv2 carla-lv2-plugins carla-vst

3. Install current wine-version:
wget -nc
sudo apt-key add Release.key
sudo apt-add-repository

With Ubuntu-Derivates Version 18.04 (bionic) you will receive an error message. For now: Do a
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

change the line
deb bionic main
deb artful main

safe the file

then do a
sudo apt-get update
everything should look ok now

finally: do a
sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-devel

a wine --version should give you the right number - in my case it is wine 3.7

This will replace wine-rt, which get removed. Wineasio and carla packages should remain on the system without a problem.

4. Move /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/ to /opt/wine-devel/lib/wine/
mv /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/ /opt/wine-devel/lib/wine/

5. Delete /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/
rm -r /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/

6. Make a symbolic link from /opt/wine-devel/lib/wine/ to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine
ln -s /opt/wine-devel/lib/wine/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine

7. Move /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/ to /opt/wine-devel/lib64/wine/
mv /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/ /opt/wine-devel/lib64/wine/

8. Delete /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/
rm -r /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine/

9. Make a symbolic link from /opt/wine-devel/lib64/wine/ to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine
ln -s /opt/wine-devel/lib64/wine/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine

10. Register the wineasio.dll:
wine64 regsvr32 wineasio.dll

After this wineasio should work fine with new wine.

Now you can start to install the plugins and software you need as well."

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:56 pm

And Yehuna is the first (that I know of) linux-wine
Omnisphere user :hyper:
He mentions it briefly in another linux-reaper
forum topic:

"From my experience the win-vsts which run in wine are quite stable. I never had issues with omnisphere, cakewalk rapture or ezdrummer. From the korg plugins, the 32bit plugins are running well and stable too, but I had some issues with some 64bit plugins - especially the M1 and Wavestation plugin failed to run. Omnisphere has a huge database to load - here you have to have some patience as loading is a lot slower than under native windows. But still not that long that you couldn't work with it. But I never had crashes with plugins running well. "
You can follow linux-reaper progress at these links,
arranged by Jack Winter to keep some general borders
on the discussions:
for general linux-reaper
for Windows plug-ins
to discuss the use of Linux plug-ins


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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Fri May 04, 2018 12:29 am

New linux releases of Zebra 2.8, Repro 5, 1,
and Diva, v.7367 and 7359,
links in the first two topics here:

The 2.8 Zebra is quite the beast, in linux Reaper,
v5.79, the U-he gui's are snappy, docking, resizing,
and preset manager are working fine, fonts are as they should be.
Lots of success posts from users of the the various
linux daws and distros. I made a Reaper session with
Repro 1, 5, and Zebra, and still had some
cpu left on an old i7 2600, so it seems pretty well
optimized, in addition to the great sounds.

The issues overcome were pretty fundamental
to linux plugin programming/porting,
so Abique should now be considered a PHD,
aka a pretty happy dude,
for a tough job well done.

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon May 14, 2018 12:02 pm ... 6&t=504753

More cross-platform plugins from the tireless Airwindows developer,
are discussed at the link, and as Patreon support is desired,
I mention it here. For those who use linux, mac, and win,
in the course of normal productivity, having the Airwindows collection
in all three could simplify and enhance the experience.
So Reaper users are quite well placed to enjoy all these products.

Those owning non-daw apps capable hosting plugins,
like BlueCats new Axiom should also test the Airwindows collection,
even a softwware as feature packed as Axiom, can be nicely extended
as one picks among their favorites, and finds a home in some
special chains.


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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon May 14, 2018 9:58 pm

Most people know Modarrt's Pianoteq is a fine product,
and most know there is a linux version. I guess
for those reasons, I don't often mention it. I've always
been happy with the keyboard sounds in my QS8,
and software like Korg M1, SampleTank, Dimension Pro etc

...but I just tried the latest demo, V6, and somewhere
along the line, the genious minds at Modarrt added...wait for it...

...a RANDOMIZER!!! And since it has such a huge stable of
keyboard sounds to work on, the results are far more than just
luck of the draw. One sound from a Steinway, came up as
an EP pad, seemingly filtered by a thousand strands of silk,
and then blown into the ears by some angelic woman of dreams,
and of course that would be just as the 20 minute demo limit
was nigh approaching :dog:

Oh well, I can only blame myself for not having closely followed
the Pianoteq developement, and missed this great feature.
You can even right-click the randomize button for a more
limited set of modifications.
The randomizer applied to a vibraphone is also full of
nice surprises, so all in all, should the Muse be on vacation,
or just demanding fresh greatness, the new Pianoteq
will fill in nicely. Also Modarrt just added
"a new spatialisation technique which brings more air
and presence to the instruments, increasing realism"

All well and good, but I need to find the gal with the silk filter :wink:

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Thu May 17, 2018 9:46 pm ... 61&page=11

Got a Native Instruments iso that you'd like to install in linux?
The helpful folks at the linux reaper forum areas have spent some
quality time, and come up with various solutions, since the
iso's don't all seem to have the same momma :dog:

The recent discussions provide working solutions, with perhaps
a nudge and a tweek, from system to system. Native Access is
also on the watch list, some successes in that arena also.
Prickly as it may be at times.

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Fri May 18, 2018 11:32 pm

What's going on with the hard line brakes in this thread? Is that some kind of Linux thing?
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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Sat May 19, 2018 12:13 pm

I use firefox to post, and have no idea about
line breaks. I can say that what is seen in a post
preview is not always what appears in the presented post. Been that way for 12 years... so I try to keep
the characters-per-line count low, as it saves me some editing. If I just type to the end of the line,
the text is sometimes a mess,
so I press the enter key early.

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Wed May 23, 2018 3:28 pm

I got Dimitry Sches ThornCM synth from zinio/ComputerMusicMagazine,
and it's working fine in my wine/reaper setup, as does his
Tantra multi-effects app. The two will make a fine team, maybe driven
by SynthMaster One's mid out, or Kirnu Cream, or BlueArp etc.
There is a Thorn topic or two going, so I'll just add that
it's got some great presets, and to me, sounds like a blend
of z3ta+ 1.5, and Zebra2, but with it's own subtle ambience.

There's another arpeggiator in the CM collection,
Squareheads NoraCM, if I recall,
but the plugins archive is over a gigabyte, so I'll download that
later at some government office.

It appears the old Camel Alchemy player may also be on the
recent CM media and downloads sections, well worth it just to use
the X/Y controllers on the provided sounds. Discovered what is now
a favorite-evahhhh sound just by placing the controls somewhere
other than default :hyper: The archive is 557 meg, so there are
some sounds to mod. Saw it listed on the current Thorn issue,
and # 250, The Rapture Session issue.

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