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Luminance [read all reviews]
Reviewed By pthelo [read all by] on 17th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Mac.
Last edited by pthelo on 17th August 2018.
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Each of Sinevibes' unique effects has excellent sound quality, a clear and intuitive GUI, and are processor efficient– at a surprisingly low price point for the features offered. I know from experience... I own their entire collection!

But then there was LUMINANCE– a standout product not just among the Sinevibes collection- but the plugin market itself, and that's not hyperbole.

LUMINANCE sounds beautiful - which I've never felt about an effect before.

LUMINANCE creates a crisp, active, shimmery reverb, and the pitch shifting creates an incredibly musical and ethereal effect that enhances a surprising range of sounds. It created a shimmering tonal cloud when I used it on an arpeggiated synth pattern, while it both thickened up AND brought out subtle overtones in a percussion loop. Plus, it easily handles long decay times without losing clarity or causing dissonance. I'm stoked to try it on more sounds.

tl;dr LUMINANCE. Get it!

Bitwig Studio [read all reviews]
Reviewed By technolife [read all by] on 17th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1 and 2 on Mac
3 of 4 people found this review helpful.
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I purchased the first version in 2015. A lot of cools features but buggy as hell. I sent some emails some bugs and they stopped to reply at the 3rd one. (It was about a different bug each time).
I purchased the second version to support them saying to myself "they must have fixed those bugs to release this version". More nice features in this version, but still buggy as hell.

3 years after, the bugs in V1 are still not fixed and are in the V2 too. Plus for some project I can't even play them. (Audio Engine always crash).

It's embarrassing because it has a lot of nice features but it's not ready for a professional use with a lot of hardware and plugin. Its dev is maybe faster than Ableton Live, but maybe it's because Live takes the time to fix bugs before releasing something.
I'll check out in 10 years to see if it's usable but for now, back to Ableton, sorry Bitwig.

Oscilloscope [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Richard deHove [read all by] on 17th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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I have two other (paid) oscilloscopes/analyzers, and yet this is the one I'm now using. Simple, functional, attractive, resizable. Thanks SocaLabs.

Waveform 9 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By spoontechnique [read all by] on 16th August 2018
Version reviewed: 9 on Windows.
Last edited by spoontechnique on 16th August 2018.
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Admiral Bumblebee already did a comprehensive review of Waveform 9 here. His review in part convinced me to buy Waveform.

Short review: Waveform is well worth the money I paid and the time I've invested in it.

Long review:

Context: Previously, I used Ableton. I wanted a DAW to bounce my stems to and mix in. I generally prefer using third party plugins and was satisfied with the plugins I had, so I went with the basic option of Waveform and won't evaluate the stock content. With an EDU discount, I paid 55 dollars. At first, I only mixed in Waveform. After a couple projects, I felt almost as comfortable in Waveform as in Ableton, despite having years more experience in Ableton. I now primarily use Waveform for all tasks. I've used Waveform for 3 months and spent ~150 hours in it. I'm a hobbyist producer making hard dance music with minimal recording.

Unique Features: 1. The signal flow is intuitive. Input > clips > plugins > output. 2. Racks let you set up complex FX chains with any routing you like. I haven't scratched the surface of racks. I love the stack editor for creating kick chains. 3. The Return/Send system is god tier in terms of flexibility. 4. Clips have a lot of great options, like clip FX, Step/Edit clips, and saving clip presets. 5. Automation, macros, and modulators are flexible and work well together. They are confusing at first, though.

Weak Features: 1. MIDI editing is 90% there. With MIDI clips, the selection of tools and options is comprehensive, but they aren't fun to use. There's no specific problem (sometimes scrolling horizontally jumps too far, replaying the current clip requires setup, triplets have to be clicked as a global option rather than within the clip, etc.). Step clips have the opposite problem: they're fun and easy to use, but they lack features. 2. The pattern generator has major potential, no pun intended, but it's clunky. It requires you to follow a certain sequence. If you decide to change a chord, for example, all your later changes are undone. I'd use it more if it was more flexible. 3. Submixes are strange. They mess up some things, such as rendering, sends and returns, and they cause crashes sometimes. In general, there are a lot of odd situations that cause unexpected crashes for me. Seemingly random crashes make me very anxious, and I've set autosave to happen each minute. But I get fewer crashes with each update.

Overall, Waveform is extremely flexible, between clip FX, racks, the aux system, automation, macros, and modulators. It's intuitive, well-designed, and fun to use. It's packed with small conveniences and bonuses that make life easier. Always check the control menu! There's always a dozen extra options down there to help you out. Waveform is a great DAW, and I'm satisfied with using it as my main DAW.

Orpheus [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Gabriel_West [read all by] on 14th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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Omg, I really feel bad for people who haven't yet tried out this awesome stuff yet.

Your girlfriend want's you to compose a Love Song???

Take this1 and feed her with this feelful Synth Strings !!!

This amazing plugin is currently the best free Synth Strings VSTi available by far. And not even the sound is awesome, also the graphical interface looks very nice, not to mention, all the switchable options, that this plugin gives you. I mean it very seriously when I say, this is a MUST HAVE FOR EVERY COMPOSER !!! Girls will love this, thats for sure.

Colour Copy [read all reviews]
Reviewed By sleepcircle [read all by] on 14th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac.
Last edited by sleepcircle on 14th August 2018.
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At the risk of being self-aggrandizing. I made this with it—quite literally made WITH it—it's operating heavily on every track, and in a couple places, 'freeze' and the rate adjust knob are the only things providing any sound on a track.


Great sound, great tone. Quite easy to use, although some people had a couple problems with figuring out amp vs feedback ducking, or figuring out how to snap taps, it's all there in the manual if you'll give it a squizz.

Honestly I use it on ALL my tracks, these days, for pretty much any genre. Industrial, ambient, rock, hip-hop. Good stuff.

NRR-1 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By mrbubs3 [read all by] on 13th August 2018
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Windows
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If you love Soldano amp tones and definition, this is the amp sim to use. This with the TPA-1 will be your ideal guitar sound.

ReaEQ [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Stoogie [read all by] on 12th August 2018
Version reviewed: 5.941 on Windows.
Last edited by Stoogie on 12th August 2018.
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Absolutely fantastic plugin. I use this no practically every project i work on. Its a very transparent EQ that easily ranks among the best of this type of EQ. I've not found another EQ that allows the same level of versatility.You can add additional bands as required too allowing for very complex surgically precise edits. I have spent money on investing in a very nice selection of EQ plugins in my studio but none get used in every project ecept for ReaEQ.

I tend to use this on every aux buss track before effects such as reverbs, delays or modulation effects to get the Abbey Road effect. I use it for precise EQ cuts as well as whe mastering for setting my high and lo pass fillters. I cannot reccomend this EQ enough. I use it in Reaper, but I would still add this EQ to any other DAW that I was having to use.

Blue Cat's Free Amp [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Zig [read all by] on 11th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by Zig on 11th August 2018.
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OK, it's free. Thanks BlueCat. While the clean sounds were 'nice', the overdrive sounds were akin to a chainsaw in a plastic box. They were very noisy and the hissing was unbearable. The mid range was boxy and artificial. It was almost as if no cabinet simulator was being used so that I added one which improved the sound quite a bit. Overall, I wasn't convinced. BlueCat make great stuff. But in this case, there are other freeware amp modules that actually do a better job.

Anarchy Drums [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Zig [read all by] on 11th August 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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The drums are free and basically OK without any processing etc. Did I mention that they are free? No crippling features as far as I could tell. Good sound that takes me back to my rehearsal room in the mid 80's. And this is where they excel. As the developer says, they're akin to punk drums: raw and unedited. Thanks guys.

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