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LuckyWorm [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Bloodbrute [read all by] on 20th July 2018
Version reviewed: 0.45 on Windows.
Last edited by Bloodbrute on 20th July 2018.
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This is a good little VST/i.You can get some good and basic sounds out of it. It is extremely low on the 'ol CPU (not even a tickle shows on my rig) and I think with a bit of tweaking you can create some good stuff. Very stable, ran it solid for 4hours and no crashes. Seriously guys, give it a go and see what you can get out of it.


T-Chain [read all reviews]
Reviewed By The Noodlist [read all by] on 17th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by The Noodlist on 17th July 2018.
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I tried the demo, I enjoyed the FETPress and OptoPress modules on guitars and bass. The free Phuzz module, that boasts 7 individual multi-band saturation settings, is a no-brainer, it could easily be a paid plugin. There's also a free gate, filter, EQ and compressor.

The preamps sound fantastic, to my aging ears, at least. I ended up getting the White Pre during the recent sale. The OMPre also sounded rather good, the others also had their own unique flavours, the analog vibe is great, low CPU, too.

I tend to only use the TCS platform at the moment. My only gripe is the interface, don't get me wrong, it serves it's purpose.

I would like a scalable interface, but that's just me. I also tend to prefer simpler interfaces, I can find too many options overbearing. I use the simpler single TCS option.

A demo, or the free modules, are definitely worth a try.

I felt they deserved a review, hence me writing this.

Blue Cat's Free Amp [read all reviews]
Reviewed By glokraw [read all by] on 17th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by glokraw on 17th July 2018.
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I love these amps, they have great responsiveness and dynamics, and the gui's.

are simple to use. These are a great start to a home-brew effects chain, .

which can put the BlueCat free plugin collection to good use, providing.

an overview of the quality one might expect from the commercial offerings.

I have used these in win 7, as well as in linux, both as windows versions in wine/windows-Reaper, .

and wrapped by LinVst as linux-native vsts, used in the linux version of Reaper.

I have also used them in win 7 hosted in BlueCat Axiom, as handy sources to.

gainstage, when you become familiar with the capabilities.

I give this five stars, out of five, or 9.8 out of 10, if there more accuracy, .

only because I'm spoiled by certain preset loading systems, but I suspect.

the Free Amp is also a testbed for new capabilities that will appear.

soon in their commercial products.

If someone has Guitar Rig, or the z3ta+ 1.5 effects plugin, .

these amps will be great additions to the effects you have available, .


Blue Cat's Axiom [read all reviews]
Reviewed By glokraw [read all by] on 17th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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Axiom is one of those rare tools that presents
a great tip of the iceberg, and then continues to
present greatness as you dive under the surface.
To get started, there are six slots for pre amp effects,
an amp slot with 22 amps to choose from,
and six slots for post effects, with preset load/save for both
pre and post choices, as well as a preset selector for Axiom itself.

The effects slots host both your own favorite VST plugins,
as well as those provided internally by BlueCat.
If you happen choose a preset that makes use of their excellent
recent releases, Destructor, and Late Replies, those guis will
appear in full form, so you actually have three great products in one.

At this point, there are several routes to explore,
all of which are rewarding.

1. start with the many Axiom presets, and get a grasp
of the potentials awaiting.

2. Use the presets of the three bundled products,
in their several section, and enjoy.

3. cherry pick a relatively bare starting setup,
and add your go-to killer-app plugins.

4. open Destructor after going through the manual, and craft
or replicate a special tone

5. open Late Replies after going through the manual, and create
an wonderful environment or climactic aftermath for your audio input.

A widget of three horizontal blue bars, opens a preset dialog.

I've noticed a lot of the presets load effects that leave
an empty slot, where typically some user choice might go,
for example, in post effects, compressor in slot 1, slot 2 is empty,
and slot three has a reverb. A sign that actual players are involved
in making Axiom great.

I give it four stars out of five, only because the preset selection system
can be improved, but would give it 9.5 stars out of 10,
were the review page set up for more precision. I feel like
my purchase is a classic Jaguar at Renault pricing. Try the demo,
it drops sound periodically, but you can verify if this
three-in-one product meets your needs, and there is even a bundle
offering more, for a reasonable price, should you so desire.

MFreeformEqualizer [read all reviews]
Reviewed By The Noodlist [read all by] on 17th July 2018
Version reviewed: 12.02 on Windows.
Last edited by The Noodlist on 19th July 2018.
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I tried the unlimited demo version, I found it had it's limitations as a regular EQ.

However, the frequency match and copy feature really stood out. Having tried various other EQ's with similar features, I found MFreeformEqualizer gave me the best results. Applied to the master bus on some of my songs, set to match pink noise, or any other analysis curve, my mixing deficiencies became more apparent. I could see it being used on a collective of songs to bring them closer together, such as an EP.

La Voz Cantante [read all reviews]
Reviewed By elena2 [read all by] on 16th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
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Despite being a free plugin, this is perhaps the best vocoder I tried to date. As the name suggests, it is intended not for those ugly robot-voices or sci-fi effects but to actually *sing* ! With an accurate choice of the proper carrier (for example by using an external analog synth as I do, even if the builtin synth does a nice job already) you can literally produce choirs or even solo vocals with a fidelity I would have never expected by a vocoder. This goal is perhaps achieved by the choice of using as many as 512 bands. The author made definitely a great job. Only drawbacks, if we want: no 64-bits version available; with Reaper I often experience crashes when loading a project with multiple instances of Cantante (but I can't tell whether it is a bug with Reaper or with Cantante itself). If you are looking for something more than just robot-voices, well, try this vocoder and consider a donation!
MSpectralDelay [read all reviews]
Reviewed By DavidCarlyon [read all by] on 16th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac
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Just like the rest of the Melda stuff, this is insanely imaginative, incredibly inspired and ultimately, useful.

The prices of these plugins are as good as the plugins themselves. I will support this dev always.

Its important to note that literally every plug by this dev has features you just dont find anywhere else. This is why 90 percent of the time, i use melda. You can just solve any problem you have, almost guaranteed.

Great plug!.

ADSR Sample Manager [read all reviews]
Reviewed By trusampler [read all by] on 13th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by trusampler on 13th July 2018.
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LOVE the idea of this, but users should be able to choose whether or not, if samples are auto tagged or not. I'd like to have more control via tagging samples. This should also needs to read Keys eg: Amin Cmaj.

Galaxy Drums [read all reviews]
Reviewed By triggerthehorizon [read all by] on 13th July 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows
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I am really picky when it comes to drum VSTs. I have used many different Drum VIs over time and I find each one has an area where it excels. Superior Drummer has an awesome User Interface and it's quite stable. On the other hand, I've always preferred the actual sound of the libraries available for BFD. For a while, the best compromise I found was using Evil Drums within Superior Drummer. For the longest time I wished Platinum Samples (PS) had continued to release libraries for Superior Drummer...

A year ago I found out that PS were building their own drum instrument. I had to try it so I bought Ocean Way Drums which shipped with their new player. My first impression of Accent was that it blends some of the best features of the two popular VIs I mentionned previously but also has features that are unique such as the ability to mix using your favourite plugins right within the instrument. CPU consumption is also the lowest of any drum VI I have ever used which is a plus for me as i like to track with very low buffer settings.

It wasn't until a year ago when Platinum Samples partnered with Space Cabin Audio to release Galaxy with a refined version of Accent that I really started using it in earnest. I decided to buy "Galaxy Drums" partly out of curiosity and mostly to have more drums for Accent, not really knowing what to expect from these guys. Usually drum libraries are aimed at a specific genre: metal, rock, indy, or a specific producer's sound. What I found when I loaded up the kits was simply amazingly detailed drums with just the right weight and character that sounded good in my mixes right away.

It was the first time I could load up a drum groove and just start playing guitar or bass and say, "this sounds like real drummer is playing along with me". The weight, the dynamics, the character just fits my sound (I like garage rock but it can fit any type of rock, pop or metal). I have never heard a hihat that I found this convincing. You could literally draw in a beat with each hit at the same velocity and you would not get the machine gun effect because of all the round robins included and the efficiency of the playback engine. Evil Drums finally has a contender and I do not say this lightly.

I reached out to Space Cabin Audio (SCA) to share my enthusiasm and was happy to hear that SCA & PS have BIG plans for Accent. Not just in terms of content, but features as well. I can't wait to see what they have in store.

ValhallaRoom [read all reviews]
Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 13th July 2018
Version reviewed: last on Mac
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the first time i've load this plugins on a track, i was disapointed .was clean, too much clean, i start to believe that i made a mistake, i regret to buy it...Then i go back to my good old loved tsar 1 & Audio Damage reverb, until a day that none of the reverb i own and know fit to my need. I remember i have VR, i load it, tweek it and BOOM ! Magic ! it does what i expect, i remember i bunch of mysong project and replace Tsar 1 with VR, it do it again ! It quickly become my favorite reverb, then problems come....i had to sell it, I miss it a lot ! finaly i was able to buy it again and keep it forever.
The reverb is magic when you know how to use it and adust it to your need.
i own TSAR 1, NF Blueverb and 80, Audio Damage verb, Waves reverb, Vengeance sound reverb .they are different and very good, but none of all this reverb is clean like Vroom.