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Maize Sampler [read all reviews]
Reviewed By larslentz [read all by] on 24th April 2017
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows
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This sampler works very well. The documentation could be improved, but overall a user can find their way through it and learn how to use it. I like that the sampler can layer different sounds, then be converted to a standalone VST instrument, The standalone VST instrument can have the panel graphics of your choosing. The knobs and controls are also this way. There is LFO support internal to it and this helps with creating various sound effects.

B-5 Organ [read all reviews]
Reviewed By woocaash [read all by] on 23rd April 2017
Version reviewed: 1.2.2 on Windows
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Save your time with this product. Not working properly.

There are a lot of low noises. Notes gets sustained from nowhere which make this VST not playable live or at home even.

Emulation of the Leslie is terrible.

Sound is just OK.

No updates whatsoever from this company.

Hard to believe that in 2016 nobody can come up closer (more realistic) to real Hammond organ.

There is much better alternative from GSi - VB3.

Gold [read all reviews]
Reviewed By YISH313 [read all by] on 22nd April 2017
Version reviewed: A on Windows
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Check out my review of Gold By Acustica Audio on the link below...

My reView

Royale Filter [read all reviews]
Reviewed By deryhck [read all by] on 21st April 2017
Version reviewed: v1.1 on Mac.
Last edited by deryhck on 21st April 2017.
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In my short period of usage i got really amazed on the possibilities that the software presented to me.

Really nice rythmic sounds, Trance gates and sidechains simulations.

The plugin sounds great with a low CPU usage and was very easy to install. No regrets.

I got some crazy dubstep wobble style effects with the tempo automation in some tracks. Pristine work.

Hope more incoming. Best regards to the Royale crew.

Objeq Delay [read all reviews]
Reviewed By tommyzai [read all by] on 17th April 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac.
Last edited by tommyzai on 18th April 2017.
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Objeq Delay is everything a virtual delay effects plugin should be — PLUS unique features that only Applied Acoustics Systems could deliver — combining a filter and acoustic resonators (objects) with a delay unit. This provides users with a wider palette of effects, timbres, and tones with crisp clarity. Repeats (from a tight slap-back to infinite) are free of the exponential mud that drag many units down. The interface is inviting and reveals a simple, yet effective signal/work-flow.

SIGNAL FLOW (Chapter 2 of the user manual provides a clear illustration)
The input signal travels through a low-pass/high-pass filter and acoustic resonators (the Object module), which makes the object resonate. The signal then enters a two stage delay (Pre and Echo). The resonances and delay are processed to the primary signal in real time. The signal balance is determined at the output via the Mixer module. There is also an LFO to help shape the pre-filtered tone — Types include: Sine, Triangle, Square, Random, and RdmRamp.

1. LFO: This can be automated or tweaked manually. The modulation destinations include the usual suspects, i.e., chorus, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, as well as auto-filter modulation effects.
2. Filter: Filtered echoes for added fullness and movement. Sounds especially cool on rhythm guitar and other chordal things. The filter module provides flexibility by shaping the resonance of one of the objects selected.
3. Physical Object: Shapes the tone prior to delay (Beam, Drumhead, Plate, String)
4. Delay: There are two delay lines. The first is a pre-delay. It is used to create a delay between the dry signal and the filtered signal from the Object. This stage allows users to tweak the low and high frequencies and add acoustic object resonances. The second is a feedback loop that can create Echoes, hence the name.
5. Mixer: Balance, Output, Out/In.

Note: Each module may be activated or inactivated.

The meter is located on the far right with numerical Db values and color-coding (green, yellow, orange, and red).

The preset management system is conveniently located across the top bar. The presets themselves are very useful straight-up or serve as a great start-point for custom control — and they load super fast. I really dig the preset management — banks and programs can be accessed either by up one/down one or a drop-down menu. There is also a History arrow to help users. Auditioning sounds is fast and simple. I created a basic vocal loop and easily scrolled through the seven banks of programs (presets). In total, there are 226. ECHOES contain standard and creative delays, many of which have some filtering. MODULATORS contain wet and wild motion. On the subtle end there are chorus', flangers and tremolos; on the not-so-subtle end there are waves of sweeps and swells along with pounding pulses and bubbling flutters. RHYTHMIC LOOP MANGLERS contains alternation, wideners and other effects that are perfect for mutating incoming percussive loops into a newfound pulse of gyration. KICK TRACK ENHANCERS deliver extra pow, puff, punch, and wobble. SNARE TRACK ENHANCERS bring resonance and snap with overtones that range from plastic to wood. DRONES can be swirling and surreal. The combination of the resonator and LFO create otherworldly, evolving modulation for atmospheric, mysterious ambient textures. RICHARD DEVINE SIGNATURE designed a bank of presets that are geared (pun intended) toward cool, crisp metallic industrial, EDM, and soundtrack. There are several glitches and dreamscapes.

• Easy purchase, install, and authorization
• Clear, concise, well-written .pdf user manual for reference, but probably not needed.
• Neat, clean interface
• Intuitive preset management system
• Small digital footprint (about 10MB) with super low CPU hit (meter barely moves)
• Inspiring
• Musical
• Simple, yet powerful
• Cool developers
• Unique features that justify the purchase.

• The Objects provided are sensational, but I'm greedy and want more!
• Scalable interface?

In addition to the pristine quality and all the things an electronic musical wizard would desire, this unit boasts features that set it apart. Nowadays, it's easy to find virtual delay that will sync to tempo, ping pong, slap-back, etc.; however, this plugin shines is in it's ability to combine a filter and acoustic objects with a delay. Even if another company released a plugin with this combination, it's unlikely they would do a better job at the modeling segment than AAS. How many electric piano plugins compare with Lounge Lizard? Objeq is perfect for anyone looking for a distinctive delay that is musical, inspiring, and sui generis (I recently learned this word and this is a perfect place to use it). I give this fine effect an affectionate double thumbs up — Love it! Thank you, Applied Acoustics Systems, for developing this effects gem.

ocenaudio [read all reviews]
Reviewed By pthelo [read all by] on 16th April 2017
Version reviewed: 3.2.6 on Mac.
Last edited by pthelo on 18th April 2017.
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If you're looking for a full featured and free audio editing application, OCENAUDIO has it all, including; an uncluttered user interface (GUI), intuitive workflow, clean vector graphics with sample level zooming and editing, and more.

I was looking for a simple audio editing app- with functionality like Audacity, at a reasonable price point- considering I can use Ableton Live for any sort of intense audio processing,

I found Rogue Amoeba's FISSION and after reading the product page, I purchased it ($29). At this point I want to make a comparison.

FISSION is lacking what I would consider some essential basic DSP functionality - even for an audio editing app at the $29 price point.
Now I like Rogue Amoeba, and their Audio Hijack app is nothing but excellence in software. I use it almost daily, and it has saved me more frustration and inconvenience than I can remember! Audio Hijack rocks. Unfortunately, FISSION left me wanting for standard or essential DSP and editing features I expected (e.g. reverse, ability to individually process the L and R channels, EQ, invert, etc.) I could go on, but I digress.

In all, I am totally thrilled to have found OCENAUDIO. In my limited use so far, It's everything I need for quick audio editing and processing work, and even hosts most AU and (after a lengthy scan) VST effects. If you need essential editing and DSP functionality, access to a set of more advanced features, and the ability to expand in the future by using AU and VST effects, OCENAUDIO lets you get the job done, quickly and easily. Did I mention its free? Yup- Now get on it!

Pro-R [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Den* [read all by] on 16th April 2017
Version reviewed: 1.03 on Mac.
Last edited by Den* on 16th April 2017.
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Amazing very flexible very good sounding reverb. it can sound however you want.

Very impressive Fabfilter.

Highly recommended.

Raw Material: Found Percussion Samples [read all reviews]
Reviewed By U-o [read all by] on 16th April 2017
Version reviewed: 1 on Any OS
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I was looking for unique percusion sounds and decided to buy this pack (2017/04/16). There are more than 300 samples included in this pack, well categorized into several folders. Great samples quality with nice price! Thanks ModeAudio.

NastyVCS [read all reviews]
Reviewed By 574X [read all by] on 11th April 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows.
Last edited by 574X on 11th April 2017.
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I love this plugin. NastyVCS is in CamelCrusher/CamelPhat territory, but potentially with higher sound quality and CPU use. Compared to those, NastyVCS seems geared more towards mixing and mastering than sound design.

NastyVCS is a great saturation, analog eq, muli-type compressor, and a parallel limiter! -Plus more! It's somewhat like the famous FerricTDS, but has a lot more features. The saturation and the many compression types are capable of being very aggressive, but can easily be dialed in to subtle amounts or beautifully mixed in parallel via the DAW.

It does so much that it was daunting at first, but it's very easy to use once you realize you can approach the modules individually, like on VladG's excellent Limiter No6. On the NastyVCS, the button to turn on the modules is marked "IN" underneath.

I am completely confident about even having NastyVCS at the end of my mastering chain. The limiter knob is a wet/dry parallel NY brickwall compressor, o at 100% it's fully engaged - it gets very loud in Fast mode with the comp makeup gain or the input gain turned up. To finely dial back the output to curb ISPs, the trick is to hold Shift, rather than Ctrl.

I want to be able to confidently use it on any track (instead of my default, excellent and extremely low CPU use comp/saturation/basic limiting chain of Reaper ReaComp & Melda MEqualizer. For example, ReaComp + MEqualizer + CamelCrusher all working hard runs at ~1% CPU use on my vista laptop, whereas a similarly extreme setting with NastyVCS runs at ~1.5%). I suggest the solution of providing the option to remove oversampling on all of the VoS plugins. NastyVCS likely oversamples 4x like FerricTDS. I suspect that it directly corresponds to the CPU Use, which is still very reasonable considering all the modules.

Bridged in 64-bit Reaper, I've had issues with NastyVCS randomly permanently silencing output and having to be reset. However, on my current 32-bit setup NastyVCS has always run perfectly.

Overall, is this plugin still 10/10? Absolutely. Excellent work, Herbert. Thank you.

TB Reverb [read all reviews]
Reviewed By CLAUDIO49 [read all by] on 9th April 2017
Version reviewed: 01 on Windows
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Magnificent Reverb Plugin. The Smooth preset is AMAZING! One of the most realistic reverbs I have heard, and I have about 30 of them; both free & bought.