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HPL2 Processor [read all reviews]
Reviewed By lawramono [read all by] on 23rd January 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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funny i do music in my dining room on my laptop when i want a different perspective i put on my hifi speakers its weird like im listening to my speakers even though i have headphones on if you want to get experimental you can put it on a bus or master to give it texture but that doesnt work with modern music.

BionicDelay [read all reviews]
Reviewed By sjm [read all by] on 23rd January 2018
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
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It's 2018, and I still find myself reaching for this plugin (or its successor, Bionic Supa Delay) whenever I want something a bit more interesting that a bog-standard delay. I think it's safe to say this is my favourite free delay plugin by miles, and one of my favourite delays in general.

I don't use it much for standard delays - it's a bit wasted on that. What I love about Bionic Delay is its sound (it's a flavour delay for sure) and its interface. The interface is really well laid out, and dialling in your delay settings is child's play. There's the usual stereo tape delay settings you'd expect, with different (note-based) delay times to choose from, a ping pong mode, flutter etc. There are also handy low and high cut filters to help shape the sound of your delay.

While the delay settings are note-based, i.e. eighths etc., you can actually set the delay to other times as well using the groove knobs at the top. But really, IMO this thing shines when you want the tempo-synced delay effect. If anything, I use these options to create triplets/dotted delays, or very minor adjustments for the R and L channels so they aren't quite in sync. If I want a time based (rather than tempo-based) delay, I'll probably look elsewhere.

I recently made a dub tune, and Bionic Delay is all over that track. It's absolutely made for this kind of music, and the updated Supa Delay was developed together with dub producer Russ D. In the context of dub, it works great on anything and everything. Drums, sax, sirens etc. The key is obviously to automate the feedback.

And automating the feedback brings me to my other favourite use of Bionic Delay: it's brilliant for transitional effects. Great if you want one word of the vocal to ring out into the next section, for example. Automating the other parameters (e.g. play with the speed) also gives you nice effects that may or may not suit your track. It's worth experimenting. While I generally use this on vocals, it also works very well on impact sounds or anything else you want to sound big and filling up the room and with a lot of movement.

Downsides? Yes, there is at least one bigger issue. I don't know if it's my host (FL Studio), but Bionic Delay doesn't clear its buffers when you stop playing the track. It keeps the delay buffer stored and then plays it the next time you start the track, irrespective of where you are in the song. This is a particular problem when rendering tracks. There's often a burst of delayed sound at the start of every render. I generally leave a few empty bars at the start to deal with this. But if the feedback settings are high, the delay can actually continue to get louder and play over the entire render. Can be a bit of a bummer...

It's also a SynthEdit plugin, which may mean you'll furl your nose and say no thanks. That also means 32-bit only, but bridging seems to work fine for me.

All in all it's a great plugin, albeit best used for particular applications rather than a bread and butter delay. I was very happy to make a donation for Supa Delay.

HPL2 Processor [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Jayfinn27 [read all by] on 23rd January 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.018 on Windows
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Very interesting tool for when mixing with flat studio headphones, it gives off a different (good) perspective.

DC8C [read all reviews]
Reviewed By sramsay [read all by] on 22nd January 2018
Version reviewed: 2.3.0 on Mac.
Last edited by sramsay on 22nd January 2018.
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I own lots of compressor plugins. Vintage emulations, modern "transparent" compressors, you name it. Some of them are extremely expensive. This is my favorite.

It's my favorite because I can almost always get it to do exactly what I want (where "what I want" is everything from smooth, invisible bus compression to transient shaping). You can tweak it to death. You can set the big four and forget it. You can run it clean. You can give it some analog vibe. You can abuse your CPU with it. You can run it efficiently. If you are insisting on the sound of some particular piece of gear, it's probably not the right thing, but on the other hand, if you know what you're doing, you can probably get it to sound like anything. In terms of parameters, expert mode is up in the same stratosphere as other "build your own compressor" plugs like U-he's Presswerk and (almost) DMG Compassion, but for way less money.

It's really a kind of DSP masterpiece, and it's insanely cheap. But don't be fooled. It is not good "for the money." It is an outstanding piece of software, full stop.

Orgone [read all reviews]
Reviewed By birrbits [read all by] on 20th January 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac
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Simply freaking amazing.

Absolutely stunning (I almost said collection of) sounds, but it isn't a collection. It is a complete instrument.

The drone tones of the Throbber bank alone are worth the admission price.

Cubase [read all reviews]
Reviewed By drwx [read all by] on 19th January 2018
Version reviewed: 8 on Windows.
Last edited by drwx on 19th January 2018.
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Cubase was an early girlfriend, then I fooled around with others but when life got serious, I married her.

I'm thrilled about the changes Steinberg has been introducing since 7.5.

Cubase has the best MIDI routing on the market and an amazing interface for mixing. It took a few updates and support tickets to get it rock solid but now my Cubase Artist 8 is a fortress. Thanks and keep it up Steinberg.

The Abuser [read all reviews]
Reviewed By shroom81 [read all by] on 18th January 2018
Version reviewed: 1.3.1 on Windows
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One of the best distortions out there in VST land with 10 different distortion algorithms, low/high pass filter, envelope follower and feedback.

There are many different flavors to be had here from subtle warmth to full on audio destruction.

This plugin really seems to do well with any input source due to it's many different algorithms.

The support from this company is also top notch, highly recommended.

Ivory American Concert D [read all reviews]
Reviewed By drwx [read all by] on 18th January 2018
Version reviewed: 2.5.0 on Windows
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The sound is fantastic but...

only if it works... the UI crashes randomly, presets are not saved/loaded correctly and sometimes it stops giving sound without any error messages. When you write to support, Mr "Synthogy Tech Support" keeps telling you that it must be a bug in your operating system or the way you are using it.

Using Windows 7 x64 here, without any issues with most of my other plugins.

PS. Even the link to their product website is broken in the KVR site. http://www.synthogy.com/products/americanconcertd.html

Fathom Synth [read all reviews]
Reviewed By djkybernetik [read all by] on 16th January 2018
Version reviewed: 2.20 on Mac.
Last edited by djkybernetik on 16th January 2018.
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I love this Synth. It has cool Features and i thank Everett from Seaweed Audio very much for his great Support to run the Plugin on my (older) Mac.

The Modular Concept is powerful to create fantastic new Sounds. I'am since my Childhood an great Fan of Jean-Michel Jarre so i like many innovative and flexible Synthesizers (old analog and newer).

I can only advice to try the Demo (Free Mono) Version.

Best Regards.


VirtualKeyboard [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Pedro777 [read all by] on 16th January 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.2 on Mac
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Very nice program, with a lot of options:

- works as a stand-alone and as a vst-instrument.

- comes with a nice piano, loading very fast.

- the author is more than willing to explore user-wishes.

- recently he added the option to locate the Sounds-folder elsewhere.

I use the program with much pleasure.

Peter Smith.

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