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KVR Audio Software News Submissions


You can manage your company's products and news items at KVR Audio. With a KVR Developer Account, companies / developers / their representatives can add new products and manage their existing product listings in the KVR Product Database and submit news items for publication in the KVR News Sections.

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At KVR Audio we endeavor to be as up to date as possible regarding audio software and VST, Audio Unit, AAX plug-in Instruments, Effects, DAWs, Hosts, Standalone Audio Applications, and iOS and Android Audio Apps. So, if you have a new plug-in, host or software application that you want to announce, or if you've found a website with information about a plug-in or host that isn't yet featured here at KVR, or if you have a relevant news item that you think should appear in the KVR news please send all pertinent information to us we'll take a look.

Remember: We only post news regarding StandAlone, VST, Audio Unit, AAX, etc. Instruments, Effects, Hosts and immediately related subjects (sound sets, sample libraries in plug-in sampler formats, special offers, etc.) and Audio Mobile Apps.

Whilst we would prefer you to enter the information using a developer account as mentioned above, you can also send the information / Press Release to contactus@kvraudio.com with the image(s) attached if that works better for you.

NOTE 1: If you are sending details of a new plug-in or host we would appreciate it if you could include as much information as possible as it makes our life a lot easier and will result in the submission being processed much faster. Of course a sensibly formatted press release is also generally acceptable.

NOTE 2: If you are informing us of an update to a product that is already in the database please only include details of what has changed in the new release.

NOTE 3: To keep the KVR Audio Database as complete and up to date as possible you can help out by sending us information about any plug-ins or hosts that are not currently in the database (or are out of date), even if they aren't a new release or have not recently had a new update, we still want to add them to the database for completeness, although we won't post a news item obviously.


We will edit out hyperbole, superlatives, crazy marketing speak and wild claims from your submission so the more factual and realistic your submission is the more likely it will appear in an unedited form (and the quicker it is likely to appear too).

If your submission is just marketing hyperbole the news item may end up being very short (or not even posted at all)!


Non-Plug-in News (Soundware, Special Offers, Training, Competitions, etc.)

If the news you are submitting is not specifically about a plug-in or host (i.e. it is not about a plug-in or plug-in host release or update) it may be processed with a lower priority which could result in a delay in posting the news (or even the news not being posted at all). We receive a lot of news submissions and do not have the resources to review and post everything. Plug-in and host news is the priority (no matter how minor the news). Apologies in advance if your news item is overlooked.

However, you can increase the likelihood of your non-plug-in news item being posted by ensuring that you include ALL relevant information - formats, pricing, availability and/or release date in particular, and it being written and spell-checked in British- or American-English. It should also be clearly formatted and grammar checked. News submissions that meet these requirements can be processed quicker and therefore stand a higher chance of being posted.

Remember, a URL to something and a short note to "take a look at this cool thing, all info you need can be found here: www.example.com/amazing-new-sound-library-with-groundbreaking-nee-revolutionary-features-that-have-never-been-seen-before-and-are-gonna-change-the-world-honest-guv" is unlikely to generate a news item (unless it truly is amazing).


News should be NEWs. Please don't send us a PR for a product that was released three months ago and then wonder why we don't post it. If you want a news item at KVR at least try to send us the info when it is new. This is the Internet, a week is long time on the 'Net. If the "news" is older then a month it is old news. Plug-ins will still be added to the database, obviously, but other news will probably not be posted. You have been warned advised.


Distributors and shops (online sample shops/distributors in particular)

Many of you sell the same products (distributors, admittedly, usually in different territories). We receive PR emails from numerous sample suppliers (who, often, also sell other developers products) for the same products all the time - you guys often sell each other's stuff and its very hard to follow what's by who and was released when. Confusion leads to news being overlooked.

If every normal shop that stocked a product sent KVR a PR when they started selling something we'd go crazy.

Our policy is to report the news once and, ideally, link it to the sample library developer's web site and let the users find their local dealer / distributor from there.

If a release is an exclusive to you please make that clear when you send the PR as it's very hard to know.

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