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KVR Points

KVR Points

KVR Points is a rewards program where KVR registered members earn "KVR Points" for purchases made within the KVR Marketplace. When you make a purchase, you get points. Each KVR Point is worth $1 off at checkout when you make your next purchase.

Simply add products to your cart and any points generated will be displayed in the green KVR Points shield:

Your KVR Points balance is displayed in the shield at the top of every page on KVR when logged in:

KVR Points can be used at the KVR Marketplace Checkout to get up to 10% off your order:

The Small Print:

  • All products can earn points but a minimum purchase of $50 per transaction is required for KVR Points to be awarded.
  • KVR Points values vary by product and can change at any time.
  • You can only use your KVR Points when purchasing from the KVR Marketplace.
  • KVR Marketplace will not convert KVR Points into cash.
  • KVR Points cannot be sold, traded, donated or in any way transferred to another KVR registered member account.
  • KVR reserves the right to withdraw the KVR Points system at any time. Should this happen, customers will be notified a minimum of 30 days in advance to enable them to redeem any KVR Points balance before they are withdrawn.
  • This program is void where prohibited by law or otherwise and it may not be combined with other offers.

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