KVR Points is an awards system that rewards customers for purchasing via the KVR Marketplace.

One KVR Point is awarded for every $20 spent (after other discounts are deducted and before tax is calculated).

There is a minimum order requirement of $100 (before tax) - any order with a pre-tax total of less than $100 will not earn a reward.

However, additional points can be earned on on pre-selected products. These products and the number of points available to earn are subject to change. Any product-specific additional points will be displayed on a product's listing and in the cart during checkout. The $100 minimum order requirement does not affect these additional points.

Some information:

  • One KVR Point = a $1.00 discount value for any future order placed in the KVR Marketplace.
  • KVR Points cannot be used or redeemed anywhere except the KVR Marketplace.
  • KVR Points have no monetary value outside the KVR Marketplace KVR Points discount system.
  • KVR Points cannot be sold, traded, donated or in any way transferred to another customer.
  • KVR Points are linked to the specific KVR User Account that completed the KVR Marketplace order and may only be redeemed by that KVR User Account against a future order.
  • When using KVR points, discounts applied are after tax has been calculated.
  • KVR Audio reserves the right to withdraw the KVR Points system at any time. Should this happen, customers will be notified a minimum of 30 days in advance to enable them to redeem any outstanding KVR Points before they are withdrawn.

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