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FXpansion releases Cypher2 in: Instruments by: fisherKing 17 Aug 06:37
Zebra3 Info in: u-he by: lalo 17 Aug 06:32
New to Synth Plugins in: Tracktion by: zzz00m 17 Aug 06:26
u-he Colour Copy now available in: Effects by: midi_transmission 17 Aug 05:54
What has pissed you off today? in: Off Topic by: Mushy Mushy 17 Aug 05:20
Desert of Turquoise in: Music Cafe by: sjm 17 Aug 05:14
Emvoice One Beta - new vocal synth in: Instruments by: Pelicanomicon 17 Aug 05:03
Slide out D#0 not working on long strums in: Ample Sound by: Eli [Ample Sound] 17 Aug 04:53
your "super-synth" ? in: Instruments by: wagtunes 17 Aug 04:45


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