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What are you playing ?? in: Off Topic by: Numanoid 26 Apr 10:32
Chorus what's your favourate in: Effects by: camsr 26 Apr 10:31
R2 -> R4 is it worth it? in: Effects by: Burillo 26 Apr 10:24
Acid with Zebra (TB-303 Sounds) in: u-he by: Aerithos 26 Apr 10:22
Zebra3 Info in: u-he by: lnikj 26 Apr 10:19
bugreports go in here, please in: Arts Acoustic by: masterhiggins 26 Apr 10:18
Simplistic plugins that get the job done in: Effects by: GrabtharsHammer 26 Apr 10:09
Kinda screwed here in: LennarDigital by: eggertnielson 26 Apr 10:04
Macro javascript problem in: Tracktion by: AGreen 26 Apr 09:56
BW Drum Machine sequencer in: Bitwig by: craigtumps 26 Apr 09:49
iLok Woes, need help in: Effects by: egbert101 26 Apr 09:22
Wellenreiter (by Aggregati Musika) in: Instruments by: DJ-Superherpes 26 Apr 08:57
Midi Editor in: Tracktion by: AGreen 26 Apr 08:38
Hyakken is the HY dev ! in: Effects by: yellukhan 26 Apr 08:35


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