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KVR Guitar Month

April 2020 is our month to celebrate guitar! Guitars and technology have evolved to the point where there are tons of great tools for amp modeling, effects, recording and so much more. Whether you want to recreate a classic tone to a T or use your guitar as a controller for out of this world tone transformation, you'll find the most complete product ideas and tips here at KVR.

Check out our in depth guitar-focused coverage, limited time deals, interviews and more this month and beyond.

But before you do, KVR Marketplace has orchestrated a massive giveaway of guitar effects software. Eight developers have stepped up and combined their genius products into 3 crazy cool bundles.

On April 15th we'll select ONE 1st prize, FIVE 2nd prizes and TEN 3rd prizes for a total of 16 winners.

Find out all the details at the KVR Giveaways page: kvraudio.com/kvrdeals-and-giveaways

KVR Guitar Month 2023

KVR Marketplace

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