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About KVR Audio

KVR Audio is a global online community focused entirely on music and audio software technologies. KVR's mission is to stimulate and cultivate the music and audio software community with a rich variety of content and services.

Within the KVR Forums you will find musicians, producers, recording engineers and all types of audio creators discussing, every day, the cutting edge software and techniques they use to make great audio and music.

Within these forums the KVR community have created hundreds of thousands of topics and millions of posts which examine and demystify new audio technologies as they emerge. Topics including Virtual Instruments, Virtual Effects, DAWs, Mobile Apps and much more. All KVR forums are overseen by a dedicated team of knowledgable moderators who aspire to insure a positive experience for all participants.

Started in the early 2000s, the KVR Product Database has grown into a 'go to' resource among software based musicians, producers and developers. The KVR Product Database is a complete information resource at the center of the audio software universe for musicians, recording engineers, sound designers and other users of music technology products.

Every registered Developer has a product page automatically generated for them that offers member services including user reviews, product update notifications and discussion forums:

  • Product Research: The KVR PDB provides a powerful search toolset with which KVRians can enrich their understanding about the universe of audio software without ever leaving KVR.
  • Powerful search tools that allow a member to search on platform, format, price, product reviews, forum posts and detailed tagging allow KVRians to find precisely the software they seek. Perhaps you need to see all the Trumpet libraries for NI's Kontakt. Or all the AAX EQs. The KVR Product Database makes it easy and fast to define search criteria and become familiarized with what's out there and who makes it.
  • All KVR Members enjoy a service called MyKVR which allows you to save your searches along with your favorite brands and products so your searches don't have to start from scratch each time. KVRians can easily flag brands and products they wish to follow. Power users stay informed by identifying their favorites. Follow a developer and KVR will insure you never miss a news item or new product associated with that developer. Follow individual products to be kept informed about updates, compatible products, content and news about that product.

The KVR Marketplace is built to allow developers to distribute their products to the KVR community using a common shopping cart interface. KVR uses modern SEO practices to highlight developer brands and bring both KVR members and music creators, recorders, producers and passionate enthusiasts to the Marketplace.

KVR Developer Access

All developers, whether a mega corporation or solo dev, can sign-up for free to manage their products, post news and deals, sell in the KVR Marketplace, etc. at www.kvraudio.com/devs - all you need is your KVR member account.

How did KVR start?

Ben Turl started KVR Audio in February 2000 as something to do to pass the time, and to teach himself this web design malarkey;) His initial plan was to upload a few banks of patches for the open-format Virtual Studio Technology - (VST), Neon, Atom, er, LM-4, the SC plugs and maybe add a few more every now and then...

However, it wasn't long before it became glaringly obvious that there were loads of other software addicts hungry for news about the latest instruments so he started reporting information about new releases and updates. The approach proved popular, and KVR expanded, adding support for Apple's Audio Units (AU) and Avid's current AAX protocols and Propellerhead ReWire and all kinds of music recording and performance software including DAWs, mobile apps as they have become more prominent.

KVR has since evolved, into a thriving community with user reviews, tutorials, friendly and lively forums, with a lot of developer interaction, and monthly song contests in the Music Café.

Last, but by no means least, KVR is proud to host official support forums for many leading developers - please take a look at the forum index.

Who is KVR?:

  • Ben Turl - Founder and Cranky Brit.
  • Chris Halaby - CEO.
  • Nate Raubenheimer - Advertising Sales and other cool stuff.
  • KVR has too many great moderators to list them all.

Where is KVR?

KVRAudio, Inc.
PO Box 620323
Woodside, CA 94062.

What does KVR mean?

Nothing, KVR once meant something but we have forgotten what that was. Take note boys and girls, always choose a good, sensible name for any new projects you start ;)

KVR isn't a place for:

  • Obtaining or discussing warez, cracks, porn, politics, etc.
  • Flames/Stupid arguments.
  • Elite-ness/Egos/One-upmanship/Penis comparison/Parent fights/etc.
  • Format wars (Please...) /Host wars (Come on, try now...) /Platform wars (Leave it Darren, it's not worth it...).
  • Trolling. Respect one another and they will respect you.

We hope you enjoy your stay :)

To learn about what KVR can do for you as a developer:

General feedback/enquiries:

  • E-mail us at: contactus@kvraudio.com - This e-mail address is for contacting KVR administrative personnel for issues concerning the kvraudio.com website ONLY - i.e. KVR Forum Login issues, KVR Forum account problems, general enquiries, etc.
  • KVR can not provide e-mail support for any of the companies that have support forums hosted on the site, please post your support request either in the relevant company forum or contact their support e-mail address (if they have one) which should be available from their websites.

KVR Marketplace enquiries:

  • marketplace@kvraudio.com