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Post Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:37 am

We're happy to support crusher-X 8 licensees with a free update that comes with features, optimizations and fixes!

We made crusher-X ready for macOS Catalina, reorganized the MIDI modes and added sustain pedal support - have your hands free for play your instrument while granulize it live with crusher-X:


We added a simple but very effective sample player to the DCO - including some "signature factory sounds" to make your start into granular synthesis easier:


We added a couple of new global settings to let you adjust crusher-X better for your needs:


Here's the full list:
  • Adds Clear button in Granulizer Panel to clear Grain Buffer immediately (good for a fast stop of long lasting grain structures)
  • Adds Stereo capabilities to the DCO sample player
  • Adds a DCO File editor with MarkIn, MarkOut, MarkLink, PlayMode and Play Button to control DCO File playback
  • Adds plug-in parameters for DCO File controls (MarkIn, MarkOut, MarkLink, PlayMode, Play/Stop). Can be also mapped manually to MIDI events
  • Adds 3rd decimal place in Grain Modulation Freq edit fields for low values. This allows much finer manual adjustments of low values
  • Adds global setting that provides a grain buffer erase on host or MIDI transport changes (good for recording long lasting grain structures with a host)
  • Adds global saving of the GUI Scale option for new plug-in instances
  • Adds Sustain functionality, can be controlled via UI Button, MIDI sustain pedal controller or plug-in parameter change
  • Adds rename of a patch after export to the exported file name (no re-import needed anymore to change the patch name)
  • Adds global setting that suppresses the UI hints
  • Adds Global DCO setting button that allows to decouple the DCO settings from patch loading
  • Adds new patches and a couple of factory sample file resources (some are binaural)
  • Cleans up MIDI Modes, introduces Free and A&R buttons to set Free, Gated and Attack/Release behaviors. Buttons can be controlled via plug-in parameters (older patches with old Midi Modes settings are matched to new control states)
  • Optimizes global settings panel
  • Optimizes Adore parameter MIDI learning
  • Optimizes wav file import routine to be more relaxed on wrong formated wav files
  • Fixes a bug that Pitch Analysis wasn't enabled until the UI was opened
  • Fixes wrong behavior that Trigger button needs to be pressed twice to start a buffer refill when Grain Buffer was in File Mode before
  • Fixes behavior that didn't load all Link settings on activated Global Mixer setting
  • Fixes wrong level meter width for Music 6.0 surround mode
  • Fixes a bug that some plug-in parameters for Grain Modulation Frequency stop at 0.010 and not at 0.000
  • macOS: Fixes license lost in rare cases
  • macOS: Sign components to be compliant with macOS Catalina
  • macOS: Adds installer to be compliant with macOS Catalina
  • macOS: Adds notarization of distributions to be compliant with macOS Catalina
  • vstwrap (Windows only): Adds MIDI In VST Channel Filter
Enjoy spring and the new added 8.5 patches! Stay safe and healthy!


How to get this free update?
As a crusher-X 8 licensee just follow again the download instructions described in your crusher-X 8 delivery mail (that you received after your 8 purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 8. Contact us if you need help!

Upgrade from crusher-X 7 or earlier crusher-X versions:
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Oh no, you still using the crusher-X DEMO?
Consider to purchase a full version and support the crusher-X development!
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