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DSPplug omega mid side

Mid-Side Stereo Enhancer by DSPplug
DSPplug omega mid side
What is it?
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System Requirements
Windows VST2 or VST3 64-bit compatible DAW
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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Important Note
please report any issues to re17qw@gmail.com
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DSPplug omega mid side

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The DSPplug omega mid side plug-in is a sure-fire way to add the mid side technology while also preserving most of the phase of stereo that is stemming from the original sample's stereo signal, which is very rarely achieved. Most companies like image-line had not been up to the task for 12 years of the companies existence.

This means that you can use mid side in such a manner that allows you to reduce distortion by up to an incredible 35% (maxed side). With the additional volume control available, you'll be able to use mid side to control the seeming distance / closeness of a sound without having to use a great deal of filters.

The DSPplug omega mid side, constructed and designed by king OZ records is probably the most professional sounding, offering a true-to-life color that's indicative of the most expensive analog gear that is rarely for sale in any decent condition that is.

So often there are supposedly modern mid side techniques, but they sound as if they're the product of either fake, smooth vector designs, or: They sound like they possess a harshness, without a sound and texture that can be compared to something tactile; making yet another effect in an already growing fx chain necessary. Escape monotony with a product designed and constructed by an individual mixing music on a regular basis, producing, researching and self educating; an individual that is in-touch with the audio world and willing to live up to the most enduring of standard.

V1.0: Initial Release
V1.1: Cubase Compatibility Fix.

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