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frei:raum is a unique 3-in1-Equalizer plug-in which lets you process components deep inside the audio signal with an easy to use 3-zone interface. What makes the plug-in special is the combination of three revolutionary equalizer concepts to offer automatic adjustment of the spectral balance, intuitive control over spatial image as well as sound clarity and editing of harmonic and disharmonic components.

Automatic adjustment of spectral balance with smart EQ

The core of frei:raum is a linear-phase 7-band EQ. It offers intuitive, convenient control as well as mastering-level audio quality. The user can either operate the seven fully parametric bands manually or use the automatic 'smart' mode. It analyses and improves audio material within seconds, using precise adjustments that would be impossible using generic EQs. Through this combination of easy automation and manual fine-tuning, smart EQ creates perfect results in no time when adjusting the spectral balance.

proximity EQ: Intuitive control over spatial imaging and clarity

With proximity EQ, users can improve the clarity and spatial image of the audio material. The plug-in separates direct sound and reverb components in real time. One knob controls the ratio of the two elements, two additional knobs are used for fine-tuning. Frequency-specific editing is possible as well – using the graphical interface of the equalizer for intuitive operation. With proximity EQ, the user can for example change the virtual position of instruments within the room during mixing.

entropy EQ: Editing harmonic and inharmonic components

The entropy EQ also analyses audio tracks in real time and separates harmonic and inharmonic components. It can be operated with one knob affecting the whole frequency range or for specific frequencies using the interface of the 7-band equalizer. Again, there is a another knob for fine-tuning the results. This revolutionary concept offers incredible creative potential – the separation of harmonic and inharmonic components for example makes it possible to adjust the ratio of picking noise to sustained notes on guitar tracks. The possibilities are impressive: Accentuated attack for a tight bass, a more distinct snare, additional punch for drums or even more unconventional alterations of the sound – all this is accomplished in seconds thanks to the convenient control.

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