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"Creating Inspiring Tools for Modern Composers and Music Producers"

Our Mission

We are crafting inspiring, high-quality sample collections in Kontakt format, focusing on film and video game scoring. We believe that sampling is an art form: our goal is to create sonically rich, detailed and characteristic instruments like (or sometimes unlike than) the original sound sources. We carefully select these sound sources while we also set up custom analog recording paths and rare combinations of effect chains to create unique, playable instruments. Unconventional recording techniques and sound design are as important parts of the modern music production as melodies and orchestration - so we are focusing on moods and characters as well as the sound sources themselves.


Synths DX
Synths DX
Kontakt Instrument by KaranyiSounds
80s, Dave Smith, Drones, DSI, KaranyiSounds, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Soundscapes, Synths DX, Yamaha DX7

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