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MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.2

MusicDevelopments has updated RapidComposer to v3.2. The new update features editing percussion tracks using drum maps, reworked phrase editor, new phrase and rhythm generators, and lots of new settings and actions. The UI has become more flexible offering two new UI themes and adjustable font size.


  • Drum maps can be used for percussion tracks.
  • Font size settings: it is possible to change the font size for the UI.
  • Phrase Editor improvements (scrollable, zoomable editor with playback position).
  • New phrase generator: "Random Melody Generator".
  • New rhythm generator: "Smooth Rhythm".
  • "Count In" added (found in Timeline Inspector). Setting 1 bar or 2 bars count is possible.
  • New phrase action: "Repeat Phrase Until The End Of Line/Part/Composition" with ghost option and shortcut.
  • New phrase action: "Insert 'Phrase Container' With Browser Selection" with shortcut possibility.
  • New phrase action: "Duplicate Phrases To Unmuted Tracks" (shortcut 'D').
  • New master track action: "Paste Chords (Overwrite) ": paste master track chords but do not add space to the composition.
  • New master track action: "Swap Chords" (with shortcut possibility).
  • New timeline action: "Paste (Overwrite) ": paste timeline section in overwrite mode, do not add space to the composition.
  • New file export option: "Export Tracks To Individual MIDI Files".
  • New setting: "Auto-Zoom During Phrase Dragging" (disabled by default).
  • New setting: "Highlight Middle C Note".
  • New VST playback setting: "Start Playback From The Current Position Instead Of The Host Position".
  • [Windows] Portable usage is possible.
  • [Windows] Relative paths can be used with Locations.
  • Moving the selected region on the timeline during loop playback works as expected.
  • Chords as MIDI markers saved in the exported MIDI file in a different way to be more compatible with DAWs.
  • Soundfonts with 24-bit samples can be loaded.
  • 2 new UI themes in the style of Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
  • Shift+double-clicking or Alt+Shift-clicking on the master track for splitting/joining chords will use the following chord for the new chord.
  • [Windows] WASAPI problems fixed; both shared and exclusive mode should work now.
  • [OS X][VST] fix for a crashing bug.
  • Many bug fixes.
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