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Toontrack updates EZkeys to v1.2.1

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated EZkeys to v1.2.1. This update is recommended to all users running Windows 7/8 and OS X 10.9 or above. Note that version 1.2.1 is required for the support of EZkeys packs released from this point forward (Q2 2015).

New in v1.2.1:

  • step up/down buttons for the preset menu – MIDI learn is available for this function.
  • added Web Shop button in demo mode.
  • new link to online support.

Improved in v1.2.1:

  • improved the preview key system when playing really fast.
  • improved the recording and playing of notes when clicking on the keys.

Fixed in v1.2.1:

  • crashed when importing a MIDI file with zero notes if Humanize MIDI was on.
  • crashed if library configuration files were missing.
  • removing all notes from a block could lead to a crash.
  • undo/redo could crash if the song track was playing at same time.
  • the track length dialog did not work correctly with time signatures other than 4/4.
  • notes and pedals could be left in the wrong state at various times, for example when changing position in a playing file in the browser.
  • several fixes to chord analysis, for example higher chance of finding "m7-5" instead of "m7 no 5", and less chance of "-5" if the fifth is also playing.
  • internal MIDI analysis is now done in a separate thread and is faster.
  • excessive note offs were sent when clicking on the keyboard.
  • playback of a favorite is now stopped if it is moved to a different favorite folder.
  • after renaming a favorite folder, selecting anything from a favorite file menu initiated a rename of that favorite file.
  • playing the track and then starting browser playback no longer resets the track playhead.
  • the "Import MIDI File" dialog was incorrectly shown when dragging certain files from the browser to the song track.
  • copying certain files from the browser and pasting to the song track created blocks without chords.
  • too long names in the preset menu are now properly truncated.
  • the music theory sign appeared and disappeared at the wrong times.
  • some graphical fixes in favorites.


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