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Virtuasonic releases Didj'tizer v1.0


Virtuasonic has released Didj'tizer, a VST effect plug-in that can emulate the sound of a didjeridoo (or didgeridu), the traditional wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines of northern Australia, that is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe". Didj'tizer can process your voice (or every audio source you will choose as its input) and make it sounds like it is passing through a didjeridoo.

Since the initial product announcement the new feature "harmonic balance control" has been added.


  • Tuning (from C0 to B3).
  • Tube resonance control.
  • Brightness control.
  • Hardness control.
  • Input and output level control.
  • Harmonic balance control.

Didj'tizer costs US$29.95 and a demo version is available.



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