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xoxos releases Piamo and Pling3


xoxos has announced the release of two new VST instrument plug-ins for Windows: Piamo and Pling3.

PiamoPiamo is a simple physical model of a piano, providing dynamic timbral expression in a modest and flexible emulation.

The model consists of a 3rd order mass-spring hammer and coupled waveguides with tuned 6th order allpass filters for modeling string stiffness. All notes use two strings whereas pianos range from one to three strings per note. Three allpass delay tiers model soundboard and cabinet resonances.

Pling3 is an essential plucked string, completing xoxos' ideal implementation by adding tuned allpass filters and coupled orthagonal waveguides (modeling horizontal and vertical string vibration) to the previous build.

Pling3The model is intended to suit many applications and is geared towards low CPU use. Simple Helmholtz resonators are added to emulate acoustic volume, intending supplementary processing to be used to amend emulations.

A second version, Pling3b, is included with an oversampled string.

Pricing & Availability

Pling3 and Piamo come as a bundle for $20. Demo versions are available.



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