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xoxos releases xoxos Static Delay VST


xoxos has released xoxos Static Delay, which is part of the xoxos Effects Suite 2010 bundle. The bundle is $10 for a suite of common effects processes designed to xoxos' specification, and also includes a modulated filter, modulated delay, phaser, reverb, multiband equaliser, and a bonus VST effect.

xoxos Static DelayStatic Delay VST is a tempo-syncable stereo delay line that can crossfade between stereo and ping pong modes. Separate times may be used for each channel. An inline resonant filter helps to define the tone to create classic dub delay effects to expansive multitap sequences. Being able to specify the amount of crossfade between the left and right channels can widen the perceived depth to create intricate panoramic effects. High fidelity processing is the result of hermite interpolation on the regenerated signal.



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