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Lunar Lander

audio effects processor Plugin by Pulsar Novation

Lunar Lander has an average user rating of 4.56 from 9 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Lunar Lander

Reviewed By briefcasemanx [read all by] on 17th February 2021
Version reviewed: 1.7 on Windows.
Last edited by briefcasemanx on 17th February 2021.
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This is a very expensive effects unit. I assume that if you're reading this review you've already accepted that if you want this plugin, it's going to cost you. There are cheaper delay/reverb combinations available on the market. I cannot answer whether or not this plugin will be worth it for you specifically. That's completely up to your own finances and production needs. What I will say is that this plugin sounds really, really good.

It has most of the things I want in a "spatial" type effects send chain. A distortion (or "grit") section, delay, and reverb (in this case, a very spaced out "plate-ish" sounding verb). Every one of these sections sounds excellent. The character you get from the amplifier section serves to both liven up the reverb while also allowing it to blend into the song, almost paradoxically. This effect, which I like to call "push/pull" inside my head, is a sign of a good saturation. The reverb I think I read somewhere is based on a Lexicon? I have no idea about that but I know it sounds excellent and gives a sense of space without necessarily making it sound like you're in a distinct room. It just gives the sound a generally lush spacey vibe that sounds awesome.

I do wish there were more filtering options but as I use this on sends almost exclusively, it's not a problem to do some filtering before the plugin when it's needed. It also really needs sync and pre-delay in the version publicly released as of this review time, but those issues are solved in a version that is coming out in a few days.

All in all the plugin is very simple. There are not too many moving parts or things you need to think about. Despite its simplicity, what it does, it does with extremely high quality. If that's what you're looking for, and the price doesn't make you flinch, then you should try out the demo of Lunar Lander.

Reviewed By masterhiggins [read all by] on 4th November 2020
Version reviewed: 1.7 on Mac
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I've been using Lunar Lander for a few days. Using Logic Pro X exclusively. Activating the demo wasn't as straightforward as I thought it would be, however. When I first instantiated it in LPX, there were no popups requesting activation. I didn't see the activation option show up until I launched it in HostingAU. After that, it worked fine in Logic.

I'm a big fan of character plugins with a simple, yet effective parameter set, and Lunar Lander doesn't disappoint in that regard. It has 3 clearly-defined sections: Analog Delay, Plate Reverb, and Input/Output gain (with selectable saturation circuitry).

The unit as a whole has a very rich sound, which can be dialed back with wet/dry controls in both the Delay and Reverb sections.

-The aforementioned rich sound. It's hard to get a bad sound out of it regardless of what is fed into it.
-Intuitive controls and nothing wasted in the GUI.
-Ducking control, which is crucial for deep-sounding effects like this, as clears a lot of space to allow the original signal to breathe.

-Would've appreciated some resonant filters on the low and high end similar to PSP Echo. It allows for quick and extreme dub feedback on both ends of the sonic spectrum
-No ability to synch the delay with the host tempo. It offers a tap, but it can drift out of sync quite quickly. It lends itself to a more old-school workflow, which is probably what they were aiming for. :)
-Relatively high price.

I want to expand a bit on the price concern. Though this is an excellent-sounding effect, I've been using plugins for 20 years now and have amassed an embarrassing number of others that can compete quite nicely with Lunar Lander. Perhaps if I were starting out and didn't have any other plugins I might pay $149 for Lunar Lander. But I'm in the former camp, and as result I can't justify that high price.

Reviewed By nordickvr [read all by] on 8th October 2020
Version reviewed: v1.7 on Mac
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Full disclosure: Pulsar Novation gave me a NFR copy of Lunar Lander to test and review.

Lunar Lander is the Pulsar Modular P900's "stand alone" effect modules to be used as:

AU VST VST3 on Windows and OS X.

AAX is apparently planned for a future release, as written into the "First Edition- May 2020" user manual.

The latter being accessible from the UI question mark icon.

Pulsar Modular P900 is a Moog modular VA plugin that deliver that Moog's sound pretty amazingly.

Reason for someone to check out this plugin?

Getting "that sound".

And must be said that it sounds pretty darn good.

Definitely on the pricy side of things, especially considering the plethora of options available at the moment.

Its a niche plugin but it keeps his promises.

Its made of three modules.

Pulsar 931 is an analog delay(bbd (bucket brigade delay)), Pulsar 933 a plate reverb and Pulsar P938 a summing amplifier (saturation module).

Not much parameters to tweak, but still surprisingly versatile as a designer effect tool.

There's time you'll want to go intuitively instead of having the most tweak able machine.

Here, the sum of his parts is greater than the whole.

There's two effect configurations available.

Meaning that you can put the plate reverb before or after the analog delay(bbd).

Comparing the plate effect with others specialized ones surprised me.

It really sounded good to my ears, better in some cases then some dedicated counterparts.

It's gelling well to the source.

Comparing the delay with some others delays wasn't that obvious.

But couple with the saturation module, it definitely shines as a character effect.

As a chorus effect, modulation plus saturation plus short delay sounded quite good in my tests too.

Note that it doesn't use a lot of CPU power plus no latency behaviour while giving high quality results.

Seems to be pretty well coded.

A ducking option that was added following users (many guitarists...) requests is pretty welcomed.

One knob control.

From the manual:

"This is our take on ducking within the technical bounds of how Lunar Lander is designed- so it has a slightly different behavio[u]r as you will notice."

This behaviour worked pretty well for me.

DAW sync is on the road map.

To me, the way the tempo is implemented at the moment is perfect.

Its in total adequacy with the concept of "analog" delay.

But sync would be handy, of course.

The possibility to numerically (using key pad) enter the value would be too.

There's a tap option for the delay alongside a triplet option.

A dot option would be great in a future update to forget about the calculator...

What is missing to me and that would make me buying it at the current $149.00 USD (as of 2020-10-08) price tag?

Some more modules from the Pulsar Modular P900.

More specifically, a LFO for internal modulation (the 924: low frequency oscillator (without cv input)).

The Moog's 904-A Transistor Ladder Low Pass filter and the CP10 "clean" mixer for some added sound design power/versatility.

What would make it totally awesome (to me at least)?

Modularity, like the synth its coming from.

An LFO, an attenuator, a Moog filters and a mixer.

Respectively, the 924: low frequency oscillator (without cv input), the 995 attenuator, the 904-A Transistor Ladder Low Pass and the CP10 "clean" mixer.

Using patch cords like his big brother.


Reviewed By dionenoid [read all by] on 8th October 2020
Version reviewed: 1.7 on Windows
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Pulsar Lunar Lander is a combination of plate reverb (3 different models) and delay, with added saturation (2 types) and ducking.

It's pretty straightforward to use and works well on a variety of sources, yet doesn't have all the typical controls you'd expect on tools like this.

Pros :

- Good sound.

- Low CPU useage and zero latency.

Cons :

- No in-depth controls you'd typicallly find, like predelay or width.

- No precise sync for the delay, only by tap. You cannot add precise numerical values, and also no slow delay rates possible.

- Large volume differences between settings.

- Price to steep for such a limited plug-in.

I also ran into some minor annoyances, like keyboard stealing and sound dropping out when input volumes are too low.

My personal opinion : It sounds very good, yet i could achieve the same (or better) results with my usual tools. Altho having the combo of reverb and delay in 1 plug-in is pretty handy.

So, when you're looking for more in-depth control than this probably isn't for you, but if you want an easy to use tool than i can recommend demoing it.

Reviewed By Matze Loeffler [read all by] on 8th October 2020
Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on Windows
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Loving this plugin already very much. The combination from Delay Saturation & Plate is very unique and not seen in many other Effects. The sound quality is very professional with same as using the plugin is easy and a very good experience. I used it on the Melody parts of my Trap Beats and it gave instant gratification for me, from totally spaced out to more subtle settings, I did find good use and lots of pleasure using this great plugin. Can only recommend it.

Reviewed By rjames25 [read all by] on 7th October 2020
Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on Windows
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Wow I am loving this thing the more I use it... There's very little reason to NOT throw this on tracks just for the great tube saturation but the reverb is just on a whole other level. I've been pitting this plugin against my usual contenders for 80s-style spatial FX and I can't deny how much depth this plug gives and how easily. It's a bit pricey, but considering the low-CPU and zero latency, it's definitely going to be used all over my projects whenever I need instant space and fatness.

Reviewed By olivierberger [read all by] on 5th October 2020
Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on Mac
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This plug in is outstanding. high sound quality .true analog feel .A really special time time to be making music in the digital world when this kind of tools are avalaible. Unique. a must have.

Reviewed By Whywhy [read all by] on 23rd July 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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Really nice sounding plugin.

3in1 : Delay with bbd, reverb and Saturation.

High quality, low CPU and low latency.

Reviewed By zisser [read all by] on 19th July 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I'm really impressed with this plugin. The sound and feel is exceptionally organic and exciting.
Putting the plugin on dry synth presets, piano, guitar (or anything else) makes it sound so much better.

The plugin including three units, analog delay, plate reverb and saturation (summing amp). You can switch the order of the delay and reverb modules. This is really useful feature and can be used to get some pulsing reverbs.
Few things to note about the delay are that it emulates a BBD (bucket bridge delay), it has feedback dial and modulation. Some creative sounds can be achieved when pushing the regen (feedback) above 8 and wet signal. You will get a self oscillation which sounds very musical to my ears. (but watch out for too much feedback).

The reverb sounds lush and very smooth. You have three sizes of plate reverb emulating Lexicon plate reverb. make sure to set the input/output gain when setting the reverb dry/wet so the signal is not lost in the verb.

The saturation module is also very musical and can add grit and organic feel to the whole sound with or without the delay and reverb.

You can download the free demo for 20 days of fully functional plugin.

Here is my tutorial and some sound examples: https://youtu.be/ZbbHdBy62Bo

Check my channel for more plugins tutorials and reviews: https://www.youtube.com/c/udiaudio

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19 July 2020 at 7:53am
20 July 2020 at 7:44pm

Lunar Lander giveaway - Delay, Reverb and Saturation in one plugin

24 September 2020 at 2:23pm

We have just released Lunar Lander version 1.6.

In this version, you will see:

1- Efficient coding that lends to zero latency. Yes, you read it correctly; ZERO. So we did not need to relay Delay Compensation to the DAW.

2- Improved GUI.

3- Added a new feature- DUCKING. A request sent by many of our users.

4- Addressed issues related to Apple Logic X inserting Lunar Lander as Mono or Dual Mono.

5- Clock Rate display shows one decimal place for better visual accuracy.

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