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Reviewed By VitaminD [read all by] on 6th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1.11 on Windows
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great synth for bassy sounds..

i think its great especially for basslines in trance, hardhouse.. etc type styles..

gui is very simplistic.. easy to read-but ugly

high end sound is very thin.. but the low end really kicks..

ADSR envelope.. does its job well.. nothing special

filter section has cutoff, res, and env amt knobs.. but is quite thin too.. at least in my opinion its not great, nor horrible..

synth is Free so i cant really complain about anything..

would like to see a much more rich/full sounding filter and detune if a revision is ever coming for this synth.

but good for trancey basslines.. very low on the cpu
Reviewed By VitaminD [read all by] on 4th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows.
Last edited by VitaminD on 24th April 2002.
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I like this instrument a lot.

Really good sound.. very rich and full.. just hearing the sound, i would have thought it was hardware.. VERY warm.

its really easy to get a wonderful sound out of galactix..

i tend to use it for trance and ambient things..

comes with 11 different oscillator types, a cutoff and res filter, chorus knob, and a simple reverb (size and amount knobs)..

just AR - no DS in the envelope.. but it does come with different envelope types, which can vary the sound significantly.

i counted a max of 16 voices polphony

only big problem i can see is cpu usage (though im not really fond of the colors).. this thing can really hog the cpu.. especially with pads.

playing a simple 3 note chord with the magic strings preset (which btw sounds WONDERFUL) eats about 41% of my 650mhz cpu. ..melaren pad eats 60%..

however this synth is FREE, so i dont really consider it *that* big of an issue.

presets are wonderful, but only a handful to play with.. however the synth is easy to program..

If this synth gets another revision, i'd like to see the cpu utilization a bit better...

btw i gave tech support a 7.. just to be fair.. since i have never had to consult them... there should really be a n/a option on this form.