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Ableton + AC Sabre 1: Multi-dimensional Dubstep/Trap/Grime Bass Wobble

GET AC SABRE: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id1039046999?mt=8&at=1000lob4&ct=kvr — I built the AC Sabre because I wanted a tool for producing and performing that gave me a more expressive way or playing my synths. Your average modern synth plugin has dozens of dimension of tweakability yet with your MIDI keyboard you can control a mere one of them with your mod wheel while you play with your right hand? Not acceptable.

If you think about it, we're still using the same controllers in the studio we did 30 years ago, keyboard, faders, knobs, buttons drum machine. I think we're long overdue for a revolution. The AC Sabre is my contribution to this mission – it's an iOS MIDI instrument on which you play notes by "plucking" virtual beams in the space surrounding you while simultaneously controlling up to 6 other parameters through your motions plus pitchbend and a vibrato. The combination of motion control + note play makes for some exhilarating freestyle jamming or hook-making for whatever style of music you dig....

Full article: http://www.ableton-live-expert.com/articles/control-ableton-live-with-the-ac-sabre-wireless-midi-instrument-three-mind-blowing-riffs/

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