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Alphatron Oscillion Subtractive Synthesizer VST VST3 AU Plugins: The Street Of Rage (Bare Knuckle, Yuzo Koshiro /cover) Windows and Mac

The Street Of Rage (Yuzo Koshiro) cover from 'Bare Knuckle' with Alphatron Oscillion, a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer in VST, VST3 and Audio Unit plugins formats for Windows and Mac 64-bit.

The following Presets are used in the demo:

- 11 BASS SH101 Roygbiv
- 14 KEY Crazy Diamond
- 17 KEY Electric Piano
- 25 LEAD Fusion Waves.

Synthesizer Description:

Alphatron Oscillion is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer to produce a vast array of sounds, utilizing three main signal modules: frequency (voltage-controlled oscillator VCO), timbre (voltage-controlled filter VCF) and amplitude (voltage-controlled amplifier VCA).

Four VCOs initiate the sound waveform and control its frequency. It also determines the initial timbre by the waveform option selected (sawtooth or square). The VCF module shapes the timbre via a low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance parameters controlled by an envelope generator. The amplitude of the sound is shaped by the VCA envelope.

It generates iconic vintage synthesizer sounds with distinctive pads, peculiar keys, punchy basses, sparkle leads, creepy effects, charming ambient soundscapes or unearthly and otherworldly atmospheres. Suitable for many genres and styles of music and pliability to custom design over a diverse sonic palette.


  • Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs). They will generate the initial sound signal with four voltage controlled oscillators (VCO1, VCO2, VCO3, VCO4), with the following parameters:
    • Fine. A fine-tuning knob that tunes the VCOs by a semitone. Gives a wide array of frequencies between the oscillators.
    • Octave. The knob to specify octaves above or below the current octave of the VCO by dialing in a range between -2 to +3 octaves.
    • Shape. Morphs between sawtooth and square non-sinusoidal waveforms. The sawtooth waveform contains all harmonics of the fundamental pitch of the waveform. The square waveform contains just the odd harmonics.
    • Speed. Defines the frequency or speed of the oscillator. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the rate or counterclockwise to decrease the rate.
    • Gain. This parameter is used to adjust the modulation gain level of each VCO.
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Envelope. Changes the produced frequency. It can be used to modify the attack phase or to create special effect sounds.
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) Envelope. Controls the volume or amplitude of the sound with independent control over each ADSR stage (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) over the VCA amplifier that varies its gain depending on a control voltage. The 'Level' slider determines the magnitude of the action of the envelope.
  • Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF). A low-pass filter that lets the lower frequencies or harmonics pass unchanged, while it attenuates or reduces the strength of the higher frequencies, offering a simple and effective tone control to shape and color the sound source.
    • Cutoff. Controls the low-pass filter cutoff frequency. Determines where the signal is cut off.
    • Resonance. Controls the low-pass filter resonance. Emphasize or suppress portions of the signal above or below the defined cutoff frequency.
  • Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) Envelope. This section provides control of the filter cutoff frequency over time, with independent control over each ADSR stage (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release). The 'Level' slider determines the magnitude of the action of the ADSR envelope on the frequency and response of the low-pass filter.
  • Chorus. A 4-voice stereo chorus effect that imparts richness and character to the sound by adding multiple short delays with a slight amount of feedback, making each sound distinct from the original. Parameters includes a toggle switch on/off, stereo spread, amplitude and depth controls.
  • Delay. A stereo delay with time and feedback parameters that stores the input signal and plays it back after a certain amount of time, creating from a subtle echo to a pronounced blending of previous sounds with new sounds.
  • Reverb. Integrated reverberation module with a switch indicator on/off, size and width room controls.
  • Pitch Bend. A virtual wheel to vary the frequency or pitch of the oscillators (VCOs) in a continuously variable manner.
  • Keyboard. The virtual keyboard lets you listen to the synthesizer sounds without the need for an external master MIDI keyboard.
  • Preset Manager. Browser to load and save presets and banks.
  • MIDI automation.
  • 50 internal presets:
  1. ATMO Asynchronous Cacophony.
  2. ATMO Chaotic Environment.
  3. ATMO Ecosystem Invaders.
  4. ATMO Gliding Asteroids.
  5. ATMO Oneiric Ambient.
  6. ATMO Psychedelia.
  7. BASS Fuzzy Circuit.
  8. BASS Hollow Line.
  9. BASS Oscillating Resonance.
  10. BASS Rubbery Rebound.
  11. BASS SH101 Roygbiv.
  12. BASS Trembling Glide.
  13. KEY Acid Funk.
  14. KEY Crazy Diamond.
  15. KEY Daydream.
  16. KEY Electric Harpsichord.
  17. KEY Electric Piano.
  18. KEY Fantasyland.
  19. KEY Glowing Amplitude.
  20. KEY Percussive Organ.
  21. KEY Scintillating Boost.
  22. KEY Vintage Organ.
  23. LEAD Brassy Essence.
  24. LEAD Dimensional Sawtooth.
  25. LEAD Fusion Waves.
  26. LEAD Hoover Apocalypse.
  27. LEAD Hoover Dominator.
  28. LEAD Hoover Gabber.
  29. LEAD Hoover Gritty.
  30. LEAD Hoover Juno Sway.
  31. LEAD Square Quantum.
  32. LEAD Trance Formant.
  33. LEAD Wavering Spectrum.
  34. LEAD Wobbly Pressure.
  35. PAD Dystopian Worldview.
  36. PAD Flanging In Heaven.
  37. PAD Idyllic Momentum.
  38. PAD Immenseness.
  39. PAD Relaxed Ambience.
  40. PAD Soundscape Vibes.
  41. PAD Spatial Motion.
  42. PAD Stellar Choir.
  43. PERC Mallet Percussion.
  44. PERC Tubular Chimes.
  45. SFX Catatonic Voices.
  46. SFX Concatenated Creatures.
  47. SFX Crescendo Horror.
  48. SFX Dark Signals.
  49. SFX Gloomy Lament.
  50. SFX Incorporeal Beings.
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