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Analog Kick M02 | Round Robin Kick Drum Rompler demo video

Analog Kick M02 | Round Robin Kick Drum Rompler.

"Analog Kick" (Model 02) is a sample-based kick drum rompler plugin for Mac OS X. It features round robin triggered samples. 20 unique kick patches are available, recorded from an analog kick drum synthesizer. There are 2 models per patch, which makes 40 kick drum sounds in total. Use the switch on the left to change models.

The gain knob controls the overall output gain. The reverb knob controls the amount of reverb.

Each sound can be played in 6 pitches.

The sounds are recorded from custom programmed patches on a hardware analog drum synthesizer.


- Mac OS X VST and Audio Unit 32/64-bit plugin
- 40 original analog kick drum sounds (20 patches x 2 models)
- 6 pitches per patch
- round robin playback
- true analog sound source
- 24-bit/44.1kHz recordings
- 160 samples
- 56,7 MB (unzipped)