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ANDI VAX REVIEWS 014 ENG - Stem mastering


1) Fresh perspective on your mix.
2) Substitute instruments when appropriate.
3) Preserve author's idea.
4) Save money.

1) Kick
2) Snare and claps
3) Low pitched percussion
4) Percussion loop (no highs)
5) Hi-hats, crashes and rides
6) Sub bass
7) Bass
8) Mid Bass
9) Main synth lead (solo guitar)
10) Main synth lead 2 (solo guitar 2)
11) Supporting synths and pads / rhythm guitars
12) Main vocals (with and without fx)
13) Background vocals (with and without fx)
14) FX
15) Leftovers.

1) At least 44100 Hz, 24-bit or 32-bit
2) No processing (reverbs, delays, sidechain, etc) on GROUPS of instruments. The only exception is using creative fx (like filter automation on groups).
3) Proper labeling of all files (for example: kick.wav, synth&pad_grp.wav, fx_grp.wav etc).
4) Please mention BPM of the track
5) MIDI tracks of all parts (drums, basses, synths and pads)
6) A preview with the demo mix in mp3
7) 2 or 3 reference tracks.

1) Multitrack (at least 44100hz, 24-32-bits)
2) MIDI file of all tracks (drums, basses, leads, pads and so on)
3) Track preview in mp3 (160-192 kbps is enough)
4) 2-3 reference tracks.

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