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AutoTonic v1.10 - What's New?

Update Changelog: https://www.autotonic.net/blogs/news/...
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*AutoTonic v1.10 Update*
Once again, the sidepanel and many technical features under the hood have been overdone/improved, adding new useful features, a much clearer appearance and countless of new possibilities ...

• MULTI mode for Headers → when "MULTI" is ON then Headers will listen to all #1-16 MIDI channels, like no matter what channel currently is selected at the input scrollwheel
• OMNI/FILTER/THRU Signal Path improvements → will route signals more accurate now, bugfixes
• MONOPHONIC/POLYPHONIC input mode, can be especially useful when used in combination with x/o-Stackings
• DELAY feature for offseting incoming note signals by milliseconds, which is especially useful when using 'control instances' for automatic chord triggerings → so Header switchings can be triggered before the actual incoming note press
◦ DELAY can be set from 0-999 ms
◦ ALT+click on DELAY will reset to "0"
◦ use clickdrag or double-click for numerical entry
◦ when POWER=Off both, black and white keys are delayed
• New output routing methods: "CH.#" (current selected output channel) or "ALL" (Sends to Ch.#1-16 simulatenously)
• PANIC feature (can be send to "CH.#" or "ALL"), ALT+click on PANIC sends Note Off signals to all #1-16 MIDI channels
• SYNC Feature
• ALT+click on Scrollwheel = reset to channel i/o-settings to "1-OMNI"/"AUTO-1"
• Performance improvements.