Announcement Trailer for BARITONE GUITAR WASHES, a cinematic ambient guitar pad instrument for Kontakt.

BARITONE GUITAR WASHES is a versatile Kontakt instrument based on sampled recordings of a custom-made hand-built baritone electric guitar with an aluminium neck by NUDE Guitars. The deep resonance and incredible sustain of the instrument make it perfectly suited to designing long pads and other ambient sounds.

BARITONE GUITAR WASHES is based on Riot Audio's proprietary Kontakt engine (WASHES) that incorporates three layers of sound – Body, Grit and Air, each with a specific function and sound characteristics. All three layers can be morphed by applying several target sounds (usually combinations of sounds from other layers).

There are controls for direction, speed and strength of this morphing effect, allowing for maximum soundshaping capabilities. There are also detailed FX controls as well as an "EDGE" control mapped to the mod wheel by default for some added saturation and spectral shaping to bring out extra dirt and presence.

The resulting palette of possible sounds is very wide, whilst still retaining the DNA of the original sound sources. It covers icy, thin trails, warm, sparkly harmony pads, or edgy, scratchy atonal textures.

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