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Cableguys CrushShaper: ADSR Overview + Demo Video

Hi all.

ADSR have posted an overview and demo video of our newest Shaper for ShaperBox 2: CrushShaper, the creative rhythmic bitcrusher.

In under four minutes, ADSR take you on a tour of CrushShaper's three digital distortion algorithms, Cableguys' unique drawable LFOs and flexible envelope followers, multiband operation and more.


CrushShaper: €39 / $44 | Free for existing ShaperBox 2 Bundle owners.
ShaperBox 2 Bundle: €89 / $99 (contains CrushShaper + 5 more Shapers, saves 55% compared to individual prices).

Get CrushShaper from ADSR Sounds
Find out more about CrushShaper