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Celestial Ambient Guitars with SERUM 1.23 | ARKEON from CodeUltra Sounds

ARKEON is the Media Composer's Cinematic toolkit for Xfer Serum v1.237+.

It contains +200 programs offering a variety of sonic inspirations and a high level of easily accessed customizability.

The kit includes a versatile selection of patch types, arranged in unique and useful combinations. ARKEON is available from CodeUltra Sounds (Currently on limited time Sale until Sep 7th 2019).

About This Video:

In this video we demo the RAW Sound of our Kitarino an immersive Guitar and PADs Patch. Everything you hear comes straight out of SERUM, without any processing or effects. You can't miss the vast amount of nuance and variety one can get out of these patches, thanks to months of deep programming and careful mixing. There's also an organic pluck layer that reacts to your performance.