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Fab Dupont Using M/S EQ During Mastering

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In this excerpt from the pureMix.net exclusive, "Fab Dupont: Mastering Case Study", Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Fab Dupont, demonstrates how he uses Mid/Side EQ to clear up muddy and harsh frequencies that have bunched up in a mix.

In the full-length tutorial, Fab Dupont masters a single for the artist "Effee", and shows you how to:

*Set up Pro Tools for true before and after mastering comparisons
*Read dynamic range and LUFS meters
*Increase low-end definition with high pass filtering
*De-clutter mud and remove harsh frequency buildups with M/S EQ
*Open the top end on mixes without adding harshness
*Add weight to the bottom end without adding mud.

Learn how to make large, open sounding, dynamic masters, from Fab Dupont. Only on pureMix.net.

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