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Free Ableton Live Pack - NI Massive EDM Sequences Vol 1

Watch us mess around with Doctor Doubledrop's brand new Sequenced soundset for NI Massive - we've just jammed a few presets over a simple drum groove at 130 BPM to illustrate just how good these sounds are! As with the Doctor's own Psy demo track we have used no external processing on the NI Massive channels in Ableton Live 8, only a simple low cut at 100 Hz for clarity - all FX are from NI Massive! Grab this awesome soundset today and make your own funky EDM grooves.

Grab the full pack here.

The Doctor's back with another selection of 46 sequence presets, 35 taken from his best-selling Native Instruments Massive Psytrance soundset collection, plus 11 brand new sounds! This soundset is perfect for all other EDM styles too, so if you're not looking for awesome new synth sounds for NI Massive, but only need good sequences then this soundset is just what you are looking for.

Macros are enabled for each preset and by changing only the macro controls you can obtain up to 5 distinct flavours of sound from only one preset! What's the best thing about these sounds? There's no need for you to know anything about synthesis! Simply load up these presets in NI Massive 1.4 or higher.

Download Free Ableton Live Pack here.