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Hack Reason 5 with Logic Pro X in Mavericks - Mac OS X 10.9 - Tutorial

A short tutorial on how to setup and use your old copy of Propellerheads Reason 5 with Logic Pro X on Mac OS X, Mavericks 10.9 w/ an older PC or Laptop. This is done with an older Windows 7 Laptop with Reason 5.1 installed. I show how to network into it from OS X and then route the MIDI and audio back into Logic Pro X and how to sync them both perfectly. The other cool thing about this is: you can save on your CPU resources by splitting the CPU and memory usage between two computers.

FYI: If you actually tried to install Reason 5 on a Mac running Mavericks 10.9, you will know that you can not use Reason 5 with it anymore... To those that suggest that I use 32 Lives: How can you get 32 Lives to Rewire an older DAW that is unsupported in a newer version of OS X? Unless your try the "Reason Demo Hack" where some have gotten it to work by installing Reason 5 with the Reason 7 demo open, but that does not work all the time and is machine specific. Plus, 32 lives would not even work with Reason, b/c it is not a VST/AU plugin, it's a DAW.

Why?? I like the ability that I can still bring in all my old refills, which can't be found anywhere else and was only made for Reason 5. Also, I really like some of the sounds I can make with Thor, just b/c I know it better than most newer VSTs And the main reason: the pure challenge of it all! I like making music with things that can't really work with other things... in-turn, you discover new sound possibilities. Cheers.