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Impulse Responses - Examples Prime Sonic Space

Here are some examples of the more unusual Impulse Responses included with "Prime Sonic Space".

Each one is loaded live on an entire mix at about a %30 wet mix.

You can also see the library structure which includes 120 Impulse Responses compatible with:

"Prime Sonic Space" is in the WAV format which make it compatible with most IR software including:

  • Steinberg REVerence that comes in Cubase.
  • Altiverb 6 and 7.
  • Logic's Space Designer.
  • Hofa IQ Reverb.
  • Pristine Space, from Voxengo.
  • LiquidSonics Reverberate.
  • Space Designer, from Apple for Logic.
  • Vienna Suite Convolver.
  • WizooVerb.
  • Kontakt.
  • IR-1 / IR-L from Waves.
  • SIR2, from Knufinke.
  • TL Space, from DigiDesign.
  • Prosoniq Rayverb.
  • and many others.

From: VintageSynthPads.com.