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Introducing Techivation T-Clarity

We're offering you a new quick solution to enhance the mid, lower, and upper mid frequencies of your sounds. Introducing you to Techivation T-Clarity.

Get T-Clarity now for just $19 (reg $29).


Techivation T-Clarity is a new audio plug-in designed to clean muddiness and boxiness in audio. It is a powerful tool for making your mid-range sound more solid and consistent. T-Clarity enhances the quality of mid-range frequencies musically, and it's an essential tool along with the T-De-Esser for any audio processing tasks.

"The most common method people use to fix muddy and 'boxy' sounds is to use an EQ and cut down certain mid frequencies that may be causing issues. The problem with using EQs is that it may change your audio's overall balance and take out some of the mid-range power of the sounds since, in most cases, the muddy and boxy sounds only appear in select portions of the audio. A more pragmatic way is to use a dynamic EQ, but it is often a time-consuming and less straightforward way of getting the full potential out of a track. Now what T-Clarity does is save you time and effort, while it does its unique magic to clean up the mid frequencies only when muddiness and boxiness appear, without causing artifacts or changing the audio frequency spectrum balance of a track." — Amin Asbaghipour, founder and CEO of Techivation.

T-Clarity Plugin is available in all VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats Supporting Windows & macOS *(M1 Natively).