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iZotope Neutron Elements | Mixing Plugin with Track Assistant, EQ Learn and Neutrino

The deal is valid from 5th November until 30th November 30th 2018.

Neutron Elements by iZotope gives you entry level access to Neutron's game-changing machine learning technology that helps you mix your tracks by almost completely doing the job for you.

Neutron Elements includes the Track Assistant, EQ Learn function and even the Neutrino module inside. The Track Assistant will analyze your audio and not only detect the instrument, but also make mix level adjustments automatically to make the audio sound better.

Essentially and effectively making you a custom preset based on your audio using iZotope's revolutionary machine learning algorithms.

The EQ Learn feature, found in the Neutron Elements 12 band EQ, will automatically find harshness, sibilance, and resonance and set filter points for you. You can then use the range of new and vintage filter types to remove, cut or boost to taste.

The Neutrino Module will identify the instrument type and give you control over the clarity and balance of the audio by means of spectral shaping technology. The Compressor is a powerhouse with Classic "glue" or transparent style compressor algorithms.

There is also the Vintage mode and automatic release options to choose from and play with. The all-new Transient Shaper allows you to enhance the perceived loudness, punch and clarity of your audio's sonic characteristics with multiple contour and slope controls as well as individual sliders for both the attack and sustained elements.

The Exciter allows you to easily add punch, warmth, brightness, and presence to your track without muddying the sound. Using the unique X-Y Pad you can easily mix between the 4 different situation types to find the perfect balance.

All of this and not to mention 200 factory presets and it's no wonder even industry experts say that Neutron Elements is a mixing tool that needs to be in your arsenal.