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LogicProHacks Chiptune Sound Design hacking the Commodore C64 SID Chip

Download the Blend.io Tutorial Project here: https://blend.io/fadedshadows/8-bit-canon-logic-pro-x-tutorial-project-chiptune-design

Chiptune Sound Design: Hacking the Commodore C64 SID Chip, with Logic's very own ES P Synthesizer. I show you how to create 8-Bit low-fi sounds in Logic. We take an actual recording from a real Commodore C64 Computer that is playing Pachelbel's Canon and hack the sound with only five ES P synths.

I then show how each setting was achieved on each synth to match the part perfectly, using the different Oscillator parameters: The Triangle, Sawtooth, Rectangle and the Noise generator. We lightly review over some of the simple, but yet very powerful settings that this little sweet synth offers. I also show a neat out-of-the-box hack using Logic's built in Bitcrusher utility set on Track stack...

This eight-voice ES P, which is short for (ES Poly) was actually designed to emulate the classic polyphonic synthesizers sounds from the 1980s. It's a very reliable instrument that is capable of producing a huge variety of useful musical sounds, including Chiptunes! Yahoo.