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MasterMagic by Rob Papen | Review of Features and Tutorial

MasterMagic by Rob Papen is a plug-in you will not want to do without in your mixing and mastering arsenal. Just place it at the very end of the master FX chain and be surprised how much Master Magic can do for your track.

The Mono/Stereo module will tighten the low end while the AIR module adds sheer magic...even if used in small amounts.

The Air module is a high shelf filter with a wide bandwidth. Its effect is perceived as giving the audio more breathing space or Air. It works exceptionally well on a mastering channel or to freshen up older recordings.

The AIR logo turns the effect on or off. The amount knob dials in how much of the effect is applied to the signal. The FREQ knob dictates the central position of the filter. With such a wide bandwidth 40 kHz is usually good for mastering purposes.

The Mono / Stereo module is a Split Filter and divides the audio signal in two bands by setting a filter frequency. Typically, low frequencies do not contain much spatial information and are perceived as mono signals. Spatial placement in a stereo image is provided by the higher frequencies. The Split Filter is a great tool for contemporary music in a mix-bus configuration or for mastering.

The Mono/Stereo module will tighten up the low end and the overall stereo feel of your track will improve.

The Logo is the on/off switch. Choose your split range quickly on the right. Then use the FREQ control to dial in the crossover point. The SOLO button allows you to hear what is actually in the low band.

The Mode setting determines the way in which the stereo signal is made into a mono signal. This plugin is extremely easy to use and has incredible results. Check out MasterMagic by Rob Papen on Plugin Boutique today.