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Omnisphere is one of the great synths. It offers many so possibilities, sounds and styles. Omnisphere is a programmers dream with the ability to make some very complex sounds and effect combinations.

Ovation is a set of 150 new presets for Omnisphere.

These presets focus on several categories including:

  • Glistening Electric Guitars.
  • Exotic Hybrid Instruments.
  • Classic Vintage Analog Synthesizers.
  • Complex Atmospheres.
  • Rich Pads.
  • Unique and Classic APEGS.
  • Leads.
  • Bass.
  • FX.

Ovation is well suited to any styles of music that would benefit from the type of sounds described above. Ambient, electronic, chill, dub, Film/Soundtrack.

In this video we focus on some of the atmospheric sounds from Ovation. Each audio example in this video is one presets with no overdubs.

Ovation goes beyond atmospheres and offers many styles and sounds.

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