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Ocean Swift - Polyphenom AHS - Addictive Synthesis - Overview

Polyphenom VSTi - Advanced Hybrid Synthesizer

Immersive polyphonic additive-subtractive hybrid with an extensive feature set and built in effects.

Hypnotize your sound with beautiful complex, dynamic and richly detailed layered polyphonic tones. Fun, unique and creative synthesis workflow - forget the tech and just tweak it.

/////////////Main features////////////
Core synthesis chain of a harmonic oscillator with 16 clean additive partials with control over frequency, panning and modulated volume + 2 fully featured raw analog style subtractive oscillators with ring modulation.

Unison and dedicated pitch modulators are there for the entire oscillator section.

Advanced clean FM on the additive harmonics with dynamic modulation on the FM signal itself.

Low pass filter with dedicated envelope and LFO modulators. The filter LFO features inverse modulation for a neat stereo filtering effect.

Dedicated LFO modulators for everything, with analog style waveforms in free rate or tempo sync mode - intuitive and versatile.

Extensive set of built in effect that include: Panner, Crusher, Phaser, Delay, Chorus and Reverb. Sculpt a deep and polished sound.
Resizable user interface for ease of use.

Hundreds of factory presets - mystical sounds at your fingertips.

Crafted with love and passion.

Available now, in VSTi and Standalone Windows.

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