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1000 SFX Production Tools Vol.1 is a set of exceptionally good sound effects designed for commercial use. It's intense, powerful and sound will help you to create cutting-edge and fashionable club, electronic and pop music tunes. It is also commendable to apply them in television, radio or advertisement productions. Naturally powerful and professional, these sound effects will add more flavour and charisma to your music.

The first pack of the series features a wide spectrum of sound effects, from the popular kind of uplifter, downfilter or impact samples up to some ethnic Bonsuri, Gongs or metal objects sounds. Texture sounds, wind imitating hisses and other ambient sounds are an interesting addition to the collection. Also included are laser shots, alarms, synths, dial tones and sounds imitating retro computer games. If you're looking for something sci-fi, there are lots of ambience, noise and industrial effects in this pack that you will find useful. Have a look at the jingle sounds too -- these are highly recommended for radio or television jingles.

And for a test ride of our SFX set, you can download for free a bit smaller demo version below:

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