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RAW MIDI vs Normal MIDI: Examples, Guide and Jam ( AutoTonic )

In this video I am going to take a look into "Raw MIDI" (hardware action signals), respectively "Result MIDI" (final transposition signals) and how we can use them in combination with AutoTonic and a DAW (I am using 'Logic Pro' here, but the approach is universal).

Please consider the composition created live/during this video to be 'no masterpiece' –- these were just some random triggerings to represent a theoretical result of a much more creative process/dedicated playing.


I.) AutoTonic Settings Checklist:

*FILTER incoming signals (Ch.#1 only).

*Output on DIFFERENT Channel (CH.#2).


II.) DAW Settings Checklist.

*Create 2 x MIDI-compatible tracks (1 x Software Instrument, 1 x External MIDI Track).

*both tracks must be rec-enabled (ready) for recording.

*make sure that signals will be split through MIDI channel separation (in 'Logic Pro' setting "Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording").

*set "Software instrument" to CH.#2 and "External MIDI Track" to CH.#1.

... and start recording to *both tracks* while actively monitoring only the "Software Instrument Track"

If you're confused about the routings I use, this is how they basically look currently:

Hardware→AutoTonic INST Bridge 1→AutoTonic INST Bridge 2→AutoTonic Bridge 1→AutoTonic→AutoTonic MIDI Bridge 2→DAW Bridge 2→DAW.

*Hardware=MIDI Gear like my Doepfer SK2000, CME Xkey, Fatar Sustain Pedal, etc, .

*AutoTonic INST Bridge 1 = For summing all devices into one Global MIDI Port.

*AutoTonic INST Bridge 2 = For applying Global Channel# Changes or Pitch corrections BEFORE signals hit the DAW etc, .

*AutoTonic Bridge 1 = For summing all final (note-generating) device signals into one place and prepare them for AutoTonic's input.

*AutoTonic Bridge 2 = AutoTonic's transposed signals (destructive result).

*AutoTonic DAW Bridge 1= Port for preparing DAW signals, potential Applescript-MIDI Configurations applied here (eg, "RawMIDI ON, AutoTonic OFF", "AutoTonic ON, RawMIDI OFF" or "AutoTonic AND RawMIDI ON" etc, ).

Link to the 'Performance only' video: https://youtu.be/nvorEZgdQW4

AutoTonic (Official Website): https://www.autotonic.net

THANK YOU for watching.

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