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Reese Bass Song 2 Walkthrough

Our second video Walkthrough on Reese Bass
In this case we use the Sub Bass mode.

Reese Bass is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library.
Reese Bass was mainly made for the producers of Drum & Bass.
It has two different modes
As Reese or as Sub Bass.

Reese Bass consists of 344 samples recorded at 16-bit and 44000kHz.
It has 26 presets, 15 and 1 init for Reese Bass
and 10 for Sub Bass.
Reese Bass is a mono synthesizer that means that you can't play chords
just single notes.
It is quite flexible instrument and it has four effects
Phaser, Delay, Chorus & Scream Distortion,
as well as.

Seven different filters, LP4, HP4, BP4, LP/HP,
Formant, Vowel and Phaser.
It also has ADSR in Amp, Filter & Pitch
and LFO in Amp, Filter & Pitch.

You can download it at.


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