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Refractor Audio: Transport (In-Depth Walkthrough)

This official Transport walkthrough video will show you in in-depth demo and explanation of each area of Klayton's sample-based instrument Transport.

The G.U.I. - 00:22
Probability Engine - 03:59.

Step Sequencers:
Volume - 08:14
Hold - 12:31
Delay Send - 15:39
Cutoff - 17:41
Pitch - 20:24.

One Shots - 23:45
Presets - 24:25.

Under the hood, sits the Probability Engine. Rhythmically teleport between slices, and across multiple loops, by holding 2 or more MIDI notes. Not only does the Probability Engine randomly choose which slices and loops to play at a set rate, but it keeps track of playback, so accented notes, snares, or fills, always fall in order, should you let them.

On the surface, users have 5 sequencers to control Volume, Delay Send, Cutoff, Pitch, and Step Duration. They run on a separate clock than the Probability Engine, and can sequence in order or randomly, leaving the rhythmic, sonic and melodic possibilities without limitation.

Other features include an advanced keyswitch presets function, keyswitch pitch shifting (in addition to the pitch sequencer, ) a slice repeater and stepper, velocity sensitivity toggle, and other pop-up controls for each of the 5 sequencer tabs.

In addition to the 1,400+ loops, you'll find 600+ one-shot samples comprised of drums, modular synth FX, cinematic impacts, and more. Just crave the raw audio files? Register to download all 2,000+ WAV samples from Transport and get notified of future updates.

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