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Rhythm Pad (Version 5) App Trailer for iPhone (6.5" Display)

Play drums and compose beats using high-quality, professionally sampled drum kits with Rhythm Pad. Create drum recordings by tapping on the pads or using the sequencer and export them as audio files. Play drums along with the songs from your Media Library and Apple Music. Rhythm Pad is the smartest way to play drums on your mobile device.

Introducing the Sequencer

Quickly put together drum patterns of up to 8 bars using the sequencer. You can also record your live performance directly on to the sequencer and edit your sequence to your liking. Save your sequences and export them as audio files.

Top features of Rhythm Pad

• High-quality stereo sampled sounds with maximum polyphony.
• Realistic Open and Closed Hi-Hats function.
• Recording feature - Record by playing on the pads or create new patterns using the sequencer.
• Quantization - Fix imprecisions during recording by enabling the quantization feature.
• Export your recordings as audio files (AAC or WAVE) and use it in other audio applications.
• Apply built-in reverb and compression effects to process the drum sounds.
• Custom drum kits - Create new drum kits with sounds from other factory drum kits.
• Smart Levels - Pads sound louder at the center and softer at the edges.
• Optimized layout for maximum playability on iOS devices.
• Precise metronome powered by the Metronome M1 engine.
• Configure the volume level of individual pads.
• Rearrange pad positions to your preference.

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