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RTP-MIDI Tutorial : How to create and configure an iPad-based setup for RTP-MIDI over WiFi, for direct connection to MIDI systems

The current MIDI interfaces for iPad require installation of a module on the docking connector. The iPad, which is originally designed as wireless device, is then loosing this main feature.

The tutorial shows how to use a KissBox MIDI2TR interface as a relay between a MIDI application running on the iPad and a MIDI setup, giving back to the iPad its main wireless feature. The solution is working with all existing MIDI application running on the iPad, as soon as the application is using CoreMIDI (which is part of iOS since version 4.2).

The other advantage of the described setup is that no computer is involved in the communication process (the computer is used only for configuration), since the KissBox MIDI2TR is a RTP-MIDI session initiator.

The tutorial proves that the use of IP based communication is far from being complex to configure. It also shows that the use of standard IP communication allows to run MIDI over Ethernet/WiFi without requiring special administrator rights on the iPad.

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