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Scaler 1.6 by Plugin Boutique | The Creative Chord Composer

Scaler has been updated to v.1.6.

This is a video review of the new features & updated features.

Scaler 1.6.

• Improved Drag & Drop - Export strums and arpeggio simply by dragging a chord or progression to your DAW. Heavily requested feature from users now allows that arpeggio and strum settings are included in the export. So you can now export your chords with arp pattern for use in other software / tracks.

• Scale Lock - New Scale-Lock mode - Map any scale to the white keys Previously in 1.5 we locked the incorrect notes of the scale but after several user requests we also added a preference to lock to all white keys, really useful to play a c major and then select other scales which will play the first diatonic chord (and all other degrees) of that scale whilst you are holding down the c major keys.

• 10 New Chord Sets - Cinematic - Horror & Suspense Check these out with the new brass sounds, very filmic chord sets, instant batman, video game, horror composition.

• Arpeggio Sync - Arpeggio now syncs with your DAW The Arp didn't sync so well when recorded through bind mode but we have now reworked the arp to sync to your daw on playback of recorded and bound notes - rock solid.

• 2 New Sounds - Electric Piano & Brass Ensemble Cool sounds, electric piano has been a user request • Improved Strumming - Set your preferred strumming direction (Alternate/Up/Down) & discover a new (slower) strumming profile. We will continue to improve strumming features but this adds some nice authenticity.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements There were a few minor bugs reported to us since 1.5 release and we have addressed them here. All users should be encouraged to update.