pureMix is truly honored to host this amazing video series "Simon & Greg Record The World".

What those two guys managed to accomplish is nothing short of amazing, please give them a warm welcome and DO SHARE MASSIVELY.

In a world that feels more divided by the day, one thing holds true: music is the universal language and no matter where in the world you happen to find yourself, music—and the passion to create it—can be found.

That's why, in partnership with pureMix, Simon Walls and Greg Bonnier, both music producers from Montreal, Quebec, packed up their mics, boarded a plane, and went to a remote area of Senegal to build a recording studio from scratch.

Fortunately, for you, they filmed the whole process and we'll be releasing the five episodes of the first season of "Simon & Greg Record the World" one episode at a time over the next five Fridays.

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