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Sitargen is designed to emulate the acoustic Indian sitar as well as the electric sitar. Additionally it includes the Tanpura, a continuous harmonic drone in support of a melody.


  • Quick selector to switch between different preset sounds:
  1. Sitar (Model 1) Monaural.
  2. Sitar (Model 1) Binaural.
  3. Sitar (Model 2).
  4. Sitar (Model 3).
  5. Electric Sitar.
  6. Tanpura (A0-B3) + Sitar (C4-C7).
  7. Tanpura Drone A (Monaural).
  8. Tanpura Drone A (Binaural).
  9. Tanpura Drone B (Monaural).
  10. Tanpura Drone B (Binaural).
  11. Tanpura Drone C (Monaural).
  12. Tanpura Drone C (Binaural).
  13. Tanpura Drone D (Monaural).
  14. Tanpura Drone D (Binaural).
  15. Tanpura Drone E (Monaural).
  16. Tanpura Drone E (Binaural).
  17. Tanpura Drone F (Monaural).
  18. Tanpura Drone F (Binaural).
  19. Tanpura Drone G (Monaural).
  20. Tanpura Drone G (Binaural).
  • Low Frequency Oscillator Section: These knobs apply modulation to the selected instrument. By using the LFO to modulate various aspects of the audio signal, you can apply effects such as vibrato or tremolo.
  • ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters.
  • Pitch Bend: The Pitch Bend knob directly changes the pitch of the selected instrument.
  • Reverb built-in: provides a spaciousness and depth to simulate the sound reflections from walls, floors and ceilings following a sound created in an acoustically reflective environment. Small rooms can be modeled as well as large spaces.
  • Filter Section: with filter type box for low pass filter and high pass filter.
  • Amplitude Range Parameters: It controls the loudness, the way in which we perceive amplitude.The sensitivity level is set by the user.
  • Panning potentiometer control.
  • MIDI CC Automation: Implementation of MIDI Continuous Controller parameters for use with external hardware control via DAW.